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My Fisher Internship
Nestlé is the Bestlé

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The top 10 most amazing things I did during my first week at work:

1) Flew out to Palm Springs, California

View from the airplane

2) Met past interns and new interns from Ohio State!

3)  Networked with the President of Nestle Business Services and the Head of Procurement for Mexico

4) Ate ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner

5) Played African drums and maracas and created music with 200 Nestle employees

6) Bonded with my Fremont, MI team in the pool

7) Became friends with the 5 other procurement interns from Occidental, Michigan State and Ohio State

8) Went on a jeep ride on the San Andreas Fault

9) Stood in between the San Andreas Fault (I’m 3rd from the back!)


I move to Fremont, MI tomorrow and am excited to get started on my internship!

2 Responses to Nestlé is the Bestlé

  1. Paul Sobecki says:

    Hope you wore your sunscreen!

  2. Sarah Hill says:

    Sara, this is amazing stuff! I love the pics too.

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