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My internship search was easily one of the most fun experiences I’ve had at college so far.  I had two paths to take and exploring them took way more time and effort than any of my schoolwork.   I’m a member of Fisher Futures the preparatory investment banking club at Fisher.  Investment banking attracted me because of the subject matter, the location (big cities), the type of people (driven, goal-oriented, type-a personalities), the prestige and the rewards.  Fisher Futures organized trips to Chicago and New York City for us to meet with various investment bankers and Fisher alumni in the industry to help us get our foot in the door.  I took full advantage of these trips handing out business cards, meeting with industry professionals, and basically schmoozing with whoever I could get to talk to me.  Long story short, I made it through 7 interviews (with the same company) and got a job offer from R.W. Baird, a middle-market firm that I met during our Chicago trip.

Meanwhile, my other choice was to avoid the hardcore finance industry and start out in corporate finance (with a company who sells some kind of tactile product).  I started by applying to three different companies that came to a Fisher career fair, and I got job offers from each of them: Boeing, Whirlpool, and Dow Chemical.  Now came the hard part: choosing which internship I wanted.  I had to weigh the different locations where I could work: Seattle, Midland Michigan, Chicago, and Milwaukee Wisconsin.  I also had more interviews coming from PNC Financial, Goldman Sachs, and GE so I had to consider those possibilities.  I spoke with some other Fisher students who had internships at each of these companies to get a better perspective.  In the end, I decided I would have to give up too much time to be successful at an investment banking internship, and the industry is always open to me (most professionals in the industry that I met did not start out in investment banking)  if I change my mind.  Weighing the pros and cons of the other corporate finance positions, Boeing came out on top in terms of location, pay, benefits, flexibility, and opportunity for promotion.

I don’t have specific details about my position at Boeing yet so I don’t know what to expect from my internship.  I start work on Monday the 21st, so I’ll let you all know more then.  Hopefully I made the right choice.

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