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Alex Shellhammer – Cardinal Health

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Before I formally introduce myself, let’s get some things out there that truly define who I am: I love sports and may comment about them often this summer. I am an Indians fan, a Cavs fan, a Browns fan, a Roger Federer fan, and a true Buckeye. I want to live in a big city. I like to read for pleasure. I love vacations to California. I wish I could see my nephew everyday; love my family. And I can listen to almost any song and I will probably know all of the words.

Sitting on a Bench

Sitting on a Bench!

So, hello there! My name is Alex Shellhammer and I am a third year Marketing major and Entrepreneurship minor here at Fisher. I am very excited to be working for Cardinal Health this summer on the Meetings and Events Team. I am anticipating my experience there to be enjoyable, fun, and time consuming!

I grew up in Oregon, Ohio which is outside of Toledo. I went to Clay High School and played softball and tennis. I was also very involved in student government (planning events) and DECA, our marketing class. When I was old enough to understand the concept of going to college, I had already decided that Ohio State was the one. Thoughts of dating Craig Krenzel and majoring in Molecular Genetics (so I could meet him) made up most of my days when I was fourteen. Then, after heading to the DECA National Conference my senior year to participate in the Entrepreneurship competition, I thought maybe business was more my calling. And, Craig was already graduated anyway. Hence, here I am at Fisher!

Student Involvement is very important to me because I know that building relationships is essential to the developmental success of students. Because of my involvement, I was able to accept a campus job at the Undergraduate Admissions office working on recruitment events for high school students. A job planning events? What could be better? Plus, it introduced me to some amazing people. I am also involved in student organizations that allow me to use my creative side to come up with new ideas and opportunities for events. Through these student organizations, I was able to land an interview at Cardinal Health this year – in Meetings and Events no less!

As you can see, events are my thing. I love to plan them, love to work on teams, and love to see people happy. To me, it is all about relationships. Your opportunities become endless when you are able to be open with people and really let them see your true self. I cannot wait for this summer to learn more about how I can be better and I cannot wait to tell you all about it!

4 Responses to Alex Shellhammer – Cardinal Health

  1. Lauren Acton says:

    Alex, thanks for that idea – you’re actually the second person to tell me that so I’ll be sure to do it! Good luck this summer!

  2. Sarah Hill says:


    Your first blog posts sounds great. Cardinal Health is lucky to have you. I can certainly attest to your ability to sing any song since you did so for 18 hours to and from NY! I look forward to reading more.

    Take care,

  3. Paul Sobecki says:

    I’ve got some good music for you to check out!

  4. Grandma Dottie says:

    I was so happy to find your blog and think this is a great way to know what is going on in your life. Keep up the good work See you soon Love Gram

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