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I’m less than ten days away (wow!) away from starting my internship at Sports Illustrated this summer, and all I can think about is NYC! Here are my internship top five priorities:

  1. CONNECTIONS – Networking has always been the most important priority for me in an internship.  SI is actually the only internship I’ve ever gotten without already knowing at least one person that worked with the company.  I won’t go so far to say “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” but I will say that who you know can sometimes get you an interview!
  2. TAKE INITIATIVE – When I was at the Reds, I was surprised to hear in my final review that they were most impressed by my ability to take initiative. In my interviews with SI, it seemed like that was really important to them too, so I want to make sure I take charge on at least a few projects.  This week, I received an e-mail from the Time Inc. HR representative for the opportunity to do reverse mentoring – where an intern mentors an executive – and I made sure to apply right away. Hopefully we’ll have more on that later!
  3. DIVE IN – I want to learn as much as possible by immersing myself in sports and marketing while at SI. I already made a list of books to read (right now I’m reading The Franchise, which is really great if you’re interested in magazines!) I also want to catch a baseball game or two at least – if anyone wants to come with me, let me know!  Or if you know some good books to read
  4. LEARN THINGS – That might sound silly, but the worst internship I ever had was bad because I wasn’t challenged. I didn’t have to do anything that any other college student couldn’t do, and I didn’t learn a single thing except how much it stinks to “pay your dues.” I’m really hoping to learn about digital marketing strategies and marketing research when I’m at SI.
  5. BALANCE – While I certainly plan on working hard and volunteering to take on extra tasks, I don’t want to forget to have fun in NYC! I’ve never been to the city and I know there are MANY things to see while I’m there. If you have any suggestions on food, tours, and things to see, please comment!  I’m going to have lots of free time on the weekends!  One thing I know I want to do is the Sex in the City tour – my friends have told me it’s really fun!

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  1. Alex Shellhammer says:

    Hey Lauren!

    Favorite thing to do in the city: Walk the Brooklyn Bridge at night! Easy and free. Best view of downtown as well!

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