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Getting Back to the Grind

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Three words can describe the past two weeks for me: Spring break withdrawals.
Fourteen days. That’s how long it’s taken for me to feel like I’m back in a working stride after spring break. Instead of waking up at noon and staying up till 4, I had to get back to waking up at (what seems like) the crack of dawn. I can’t spend my days in Margarita-ville anymore. Nope. Instead, it’s back to plowing through chapters of drier-than-British-humor textbooks.
So while we each make our own way back to being productive 20-something’s, we aren’t exactly alone. Professors who have been around the block a few times know all about Spring Break Withdrawal. Some of them may even know from first hand experience.
But your employer is a whole different animal. While I was able to take nice 10-day break in the middle of March, the people I worked with weren’t nearly as lucky. Which meant that while you may have been out rocking sand between your toes, they were in the same office that they were in when you left. While you might call those 10 days “Spring Break”, they call those 10 days, “business as usual”.

Don't let this happen to you...

This makes things a little dicey if you back to working suffering from SBW (Spring Break Withdrawals, pay attention). Stumbling in 10 minutes late. Not quite doing the same work you did when you left. Essentially falling apart by noon? This might work during syllabus week, but I’m willing to bet it’s a no-go at your internship. If this describes you at some point in the last two weeks (and I certainly fit the bill at one point), my advice is to just grind it out. Insightful, right?
You always hear how the best teams can grind out wins, even if they’re not playing their best, not quite firing on all cylinders. The same applies to students. Humor me for a minute. The best students, the ones that manage to get internships and keep them for extended periods of time, find ways to get by even if they’re off their game. Maybe that means doing damage control on a particularly bad interview. It could be knocking back just enough coffee and Red Bull to make it to the closing bell. Either way, they get it done.
And as though as annoying as it sounds, sometimes you just have to grind it out.

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