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My Fisher Internship
I Can’t Believe it’s Over!

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              Well readers, today is my LAST day.  It has definitely been a long 16 weeks here, but in the end I still can’t belive it has gone so fast! This past week has been really busy for me too, besides just the packing everything to go home part.

              On Monday I traveled to Fort Wayne where I had the opportunity to go to lunch with some terminal workers and to sit in on a meeting with a customer, G & G Oil Company.  The lunch was fun and the terminal workers were very nice.  They told me all about what they have to do to keep the terminal running and the trucks filled with gas.  During the meeting with G & G Oil, I saw how contract negotiations normally go with a customer & how pricing is determined.

             Wednesday I gave my BIG presentation!  I had to talk for about a half hour in front of the district manager, the district coordinator, and the sales managers.  I discussed everything I had done over my internship & what I liked & didn’t like.  I was pretty nervous, but in the end it went extremely well, and I was proud of the fact that I left them with literally no questions.  I would like to interject with a few pointers about presentations now:

1. Make it entertaining. I got a lot of laughs & commments that my presentation had a lot of flair.

2. Give a good introduction! Do not just say, “Okay, I’m going to start my presentation now.”

3. Practice a few times before, enough said.

4.  Personalize & add lots of pictures of experiences you had during the internship.

              On Thursday, I traveled up to Merriville, which is near the border into Illinois.  Here I had the opportunity to sit in on a pricing and market discussion about the company’s status in Chicago.  A lot of it went over my head, but I was still glad to have the opportunity to attend the meeting.  The main thing I got out of this meeting was how fast we are really looking to grow in Chicago and the ways that we plan on accomplishing this initiative.

             Today I am not doing much other than going out to lunch with people in the office & cleaning out my desk.  I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve done here, even when it was overwhelming.  Never judge a book by its cover because I could have never seen myself working in the oil industry, and now I am so glad I gave it a chance!

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