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Winding Down

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Hello once again Everyone!

I know that you have all finished your finals, but I am still going strong at my internship.  Lately, I have been traveling a lot and will continue to do so during my final week, next week.

After coming back from Thanksgiving, I had a lot to look forward to.  I discussed in one of my previous posts how I had the opportunity to attend a district meeting.  After Thanksgiving, I was given the opportunity again.  Before the district meeting, I was able to go to an IU basketball game with three of my co-workers and enjoy catered dinner.  We have a sponsorship with IU this Winter.  Now on to the meeting.. This time our meeting was held in the office one day and at a hotel in downtown Indianapolis the next day.  I was very excited to be able to participate more in this meeting.  I had two presentations to give.  One was regarding choosing a slogan to go on the back of a t-shirt for the Indianapolis Indians (a minor league baseball team).  My other presentation was to aid one of the territory managers in speaking about looking for new business and a form we had created to help organize the information.  This was another fun and valuable experience.

I also traveled to Munice to look at a station and was surprised to see how small of a town it is.  I have been working a lot on narrowing down our fixed assets while in the office, and I am preparing for my final presentation!  Next Wednesday I will present for about a half hour in front of my District Manager on what I have done for the past 15 weeks.  I have been working a lot on my power point and will be looking for the opinions of the territory managers to help me even more.

Next week I will begin by spending Monday in Fort Wayne with one of the territory managers and we will drive around visiting a terminal (where they fill the trucks with gas) and we have several stations to look at.  I will also be traveling to Chicago to attend a discussion regarding our share of the Chicago Market.  I can’t believe its my last week!

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of Christmas break :)DSCF0076

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