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Happy Friday, Readers!

            Hope school is going well and midterms are starting to end.  I’ve been working on several different projects I would like to share with you, but first I will describe my trip to Findlay.

            I took off on Tuesday evening and drove from Indy to Findlay.  The next day I met with the Graphic Design department first.  I got to see the printing presses and learn about how several different Marathon publications are produced, along with website design too.  I attended a town meeting next where I heard a lot of facts and figures about Marketing and reviewed what has been going on lately with new hires and many changes in Brand and Wholesale.  After the meeting, I headed to HR.  I got to learn about how HR functions for Marathon in a different way than many other companies.  I also heard about the path to take to work in HR.  I went out to lunch with a fellow intern from the Accounting department and we caught up and compared our internship experiences.  After lunch, I met with Advertising.  I got to talk about our recent commercial and summer campaign (which many of you may have seen and heard about).  I also asked about the logos that run around the Shoe during football games and found out about Marathon’s Ohio State sponsorship.  My last stop of the day was to visit Scheduling and it was extremely informative.  I learned all about how to schedule barrels on the pipeline and how flexible you have to be on a daily basis.  This trip taught me so much, and I think every intern should plan a visit to their company’s headquarters if possible!

            Lately I have also attended several customer appreciation days where I won Carrie Underwood’s new CD from a local radio station!  We gave a lot of free food and goodies to customers.  Other things I have been working on include plotting stations on a map, going out into the field to look at sites, and traveling with Territory Managers to learn more about what they do.

            I also wanted to share a piece of advice.  Recently, I was asked to interview with another company in Columbus.  It turned into a dilemma because I was nervous to ask for a day off to go interview with someone else.  I think it’s important to remember (especially in this day & age) to put yourself first sometimes.  You should look to further your career whenever you can and never put all your eggs in one basket! If you ever face this issue during an internship, feel free to ask me what I said to help soften the blow of telling a supervisor.  That’s my good advice for the week. J


            Enjoy your weekend, Readers, and GO BUCKS!!

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