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A TANKER-ific Experience!

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I saw this at a station while out working in the field.

I saw this at a station while out working in the field.

Here I am with the tank!
Here I am with the tank!

Hey Again Everyone!

            Well as the weather gets colder, my internship is heating up.  This past week and a half I have been very busy.  I would like to share some of the interesting opportunities I have had.

            One of the coolest things I’ve done so far was getting to ride on a truck to deliver gas and diesel to a Speedway Station (Speedway SuperAmericaLLC is owned by Marathon).  I gavemy supervisor a list of things that I wanted to experience while interning, and I thought that riding around with a driver sounded interesting. I was definitely right!  The gas filled up at the racks at our terminal and then I got inside the truck and we headed out to a station about ten minutes away.  First of all, it’s hard to navigate that huge vehicle through traffic and I got to see firsthand all the instruments inside the truck that the driver uses to drive and navigate.  Once we got to the station, we took the hoses out and put them into the holes in the ground that get filled with gasoline.  There are different holes for regular, diesel, and premium.  There’s so much to remember and so many safety precautions to follow when unloading the gas, and I stood and watched while the driver explained everything he was doing to me.  Once we finished, we filled out all the necessary forms and were on our way back to the terminal.  This is an experience everyone should haveso that they understand how gas stations work.  Also, for the environmentally conscious, oil companies really are doing everything they can to respect the environment, and I observe it everyday!

            We are doing a lot of remodeling in our building, and I have spent a bunch of time helping with that too.  This is just to remind everyone that interning is not all glamour.  I do hard work all the time!  I’ve helped move file cabinets (and the files in them) and cleaned out cabinets and closets.  I think this is an essential part of the experience because working life isn’t always about traveling and new experiences.  Sometimes, organization and cleaning are needed too.

            Another project I have devoted a lot of time to is raising money for United Way.  Marathon has a strong connection with United Way, and I helped one of our Territory Managers organize a meeting with all of our employees to hear United Way speakers and understand more about the organization.  Our employees are currently turning in their pledges to me, and I am keeping track of them on a spreadsheet.  Next week we will have the same meeting with the truck drivers.  Philanthropy is important to many big companies, and I am glad I have become more familair with the one my company supports.

            Next week I will be traveling to Findlay, Ohio (Marathon Petroleum Company Headquarters).  I have planned a day where I get to meet with four different departments outside my major (Marketing) to grasp the company as a whole and see what other departments do on a daily basis.  I have chosen to meet with Graphic Design, Advertising, HR, and Scheduling.  I can’t wait to share my travels with all of you!

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Bethany – sounds like you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty! Great idea to ride around with fuel delivery tanker. I worked at a gas station for 4 years and never had that experience. Thanks for the interesting blog post.

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