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My Fisher Internship
All good things come to an end?!

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As I sit in my dorm room in Milan pretty much settled in, and having attended my first official day of class here, it’s finally sinking in that summer is officially over!  Perfect time to tie loose ends here too..

  • My fondest memory of the summer will be great times with all the wonderful people I met there, but in particular, hands on project work of spray painting areas of the floor at the plant I worked at does stand out.
  • My biggest learning was that I love being a part of a company where relationships mean the world.   I am still in touch with people I worked with, sharing pictures of my travels for now.  I found mentors and friends and a sense a belonging at work, which was truly wonderful.
  • My recommendation to anyone would be to intern because it shows you what a good part of the rest of your life can look like on a daily basis.  You learn responsibility, you learn what you enjoy doing, and also what you don’t, and also, you learn what the real world looks like!  You experience what life after college can be like, and you see and learn where you can go with your career.  If you love it, great, you might have just found out your calling.  And if you don’t like it so much, at least you can make sure what you do not want the rest of your life looks like.

If you have any questions/concerns/comments about anything related to my experiences, please feel free to e-mail me at  Hope this has helped; good luck!!

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