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Summers go away fast!

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I think that we all think summer is too short, but the reason they are short is because we enjoy ourselves during this time. I think the reason we really love summer is because we are programmed to think that we are having a break…a break from the day-to-day routine and lifestyle we have during school year.  What we want is change, something new, and that explains why many people in the middle of the summer are ready to go back to school if they are really not doing anything that is causing much interest and excitement in their life. My summer flew by, most of the days went by extremely fast. I think this was a result of how busy I was and how focused I was on the stuff I needed to get done. I was constantly challenged and I was motivated to work on tasks that kept my attention and I felt passionate about. I think looking back I can’t believe I am in work week #12 and in three days I have to say goodbye. As much as I love OSU and I can’t wait to go and watch some serious football, I am attached to many of the things this lifestyle has brought to my life. I met great people, inspiring mentors and leaders and furthermore I have found so many things about myself that it is just interesting to see how much you can grow in one summer. I believe we all need we get out of things what we put into them. We drive our experience by our attitude and by how we see the opportunities that come in front of us. I knew I had three months to impress a company, I knew even better that I had three months to learn as much as I could about the real world. I also knew that I had three months to enjoy a new city and new group of people so I challenged myself to make these three months the time of my life. With natural ups and downs and some frustrations here and there I am able to look back and be thankful of every single day I experienced during this summer. For all of you thinking of having a summer internship remember that it costs you 3 months of your life to have the time of your life.

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