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The Amazing Race – LMA edition

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Being at a field location can surely provide networking challenges.  Yes – you do connect with your wonderful group and manager of course, as well as Senior Leadership at the plant, but it is not the same as being at the company’s headquarters.  Covington surely produces a lot of cereal, but the number of people that work here is surely not a 4 digit number!

So, as a networking tool for the logistics interns and LMAs (all us are at field locations), a the amazing race was twisted innovatively and put to use.  We were broken into 7 teams of 3 members each, and each team had to work together and timely so to gain points in different legs of the race.  Leg 1 was to learn more about each other, 2 was to learn about the different logistics functions that are available in the company after completing the LMA role (which is the starting point for a fresh graduate), 3 was to learn about certain plants and connect with their LMs (Logistics Managers) and the 4th was to go and analyze how we are doing from the perspective of the consumer.  I surely have a better idea about the Logistics impact and opportunities because of this activity!

Oh, and I was on the winning team comprising of Laura who is the LMA at the Cereal plant in Lodi, California and Judi who is the LMA at the Brands on the Go plant in Chanhassen, Minneapolis.  Being a little competitive clearly helped us out!

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