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Bring your Child to work day!

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Today was BYCTWD (bring your child to work day.. great official abbreviation huh? ha-ha).BYCTWD has probably one of the coolest days here at The Dow Chemical. NO, it is not only IMG_0732because of the free cookies, ice cream, candy or food nor the relaxed atmosphere that surrounds the day, but is the opportunity of explaining to curious fresh young faces (because I am sooo old now) what their parents do and how is that important to the company  . . . and the world. Gratned, to be really involved with this activity, you have to have a lot of patience, love kids and an innate ability to coordinating logistics.

The way BYCTWD works is that kids are divided into seven groups based on their ages (4-13 year olds). The Dow Chemical Company puts together 6 stations that represent some of the different departments in the Houston Business Center. I was elected the Leader of the Supply Chain team and we put together what I believe was the coolest, funniest activity for the day!(feeling a little modest today.. ha-ha)

IMG_0726We created what we call “A Taste of What We Do in Supply Chain” and it was a station were each child would make their own cookie going through the different stops that represent the process of Supply Chain.    


  1. First: they had to go to the cookie supplier and get their plain sugar cookie,
  2. Second: then they had to go to the icing station to pick the right color and match for their intended cookie design,
  3. Third: they had to go to the topping distributor to pick the right decorations,
  4. Forth: kids had to take the cookie to quality control “department” (this case a person) to make sure it was ready and good to package,
  5. Fifth: finally they took their product to their final customer (which in this case was either their parents or their belly J)


I know is a super simplistic way of explaining Supply Chain, but remember most of  the children were 5 or 6.. and they got it!… I can’t even tell you how many grown ups still ask me: “what is it again that you are doing in the summer?” or even “What is Logistics?”.

My point with this Blog is to show you that if you want to get involved with the company and twist up your daily activities, you have to search all the options you have and talk to different people. You even get to network with other departments or the parents of some kids that just can’t wait to introduce you to themJ.

I recommend to anyone that has this opportunity to really take the time and spend some energy in something that is not necessarily required in your role as intern, for me this was just a great day!













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  1. Kim Bader says:

    What a fun activity! :)

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