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Week 6: Monday August 10th-Sunday August 16th

This week I spent most of my time at the New York Film Academy where I take classes. I really enjoy the coursework (focused on acting and filmmaking) and have met some great fellow students who have quickly become friends. Something I found interesting is the consistent emphasis on networking and the benefit of a business or law background when approaching show business. I know that I will be prepared to tackle this industry with a Fisher College of Business education under my belt.

My weekly update:

Monday August 10th: Marvel – Production Office

Tuesday August 11th: NYFA – Classes; Film shoot

Shot student films on Universal lot (crew of four people, each gets a chance to serve as director, cinematographer, and actor-with two actors per film) Today was my debut as a director!

Wednesday August 12th: Marvel – Production Office

Thursday August 13th: NYFA – Classes, Film shoot

Friday August 14th: NBC Tour; Edited films we shot on Tuesday and Thursday

Saturday August 15th: NYFA Classes

After class today, there was a party held in honor of students at NYFA and the anniversary of a famed Russian talent agent. The first time I walked a red carpet (and hopefully not the last!)

Sunday August 16th: Casting Call; Screening

Attended audition for upcoming film. Later, private screening held for Middle Men, directed by George Gallo with a Q&A with Mr. Gallo after the show. NYFA students invited!

Next post…Week 7: Monday August 18th-Sunday August 23rd


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