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In LA, you can be all over the world

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Week 4: Monday July 27-Sunday August 2

From film sets to cultural attractions, Los Angeles offers a plethora of places to explore. Every week I walk by “New York City” before I enter the worlds of the Norse Mythology within which Thor resides. This week, I even discovered different cultures with the help of famous artists from around the world.

Daily overview…

"New York" set outside of production office

"New York" set outside of production office

Monday July 27th: Marvel – Production Office

Tuesday July 28th: Free Day

Wednesday July 29th: Marvel – Production Office

Thursday July 30th: NYFA

Traveled to conduct promotion…

12:00-8:00 Venice

Friday July 31st: TV Production

Tennis scene

Tennis scene

In this industry, chance encounters can often lead to great opportunities. On July 15th, Marvel studios held a free lunch and business fair outside of the studio cafe. Before getting my meal, I stopped to get a free 5-minute massage from the on-site (on the lot) masseuse, Kim. After chatting with her for a few minutes, she revealed that her husband was a writer/producer and in the process of putting together a “spec” (“speculative…shopped or sold on the open market, as opposed to one commissioned by a studio or production company.”) TV pilot for HBO. A week later I got a call from her saying they wanted me on board as a production assistant, or a “P.A.”

On Friday I met with Kim and her husband Paul and helped “dress the set” (“decorative with props and furnishings to add to a stage setting”) for the first shot of the day on Saturday. Then went to pick up some equipment for the shoot.

Saturday August 1st: TV Production

Call Time: 8:00 AMOn location
Arrived at first location and for the rest of the day assisted with production in any way needed, from handling “craft services” (food) and ordering/picking up lunch for the cast and crew to being a background actor.

We finally wrapped at 8 PM and headed to dinner on the pier in Manhattan Beach. I met some incredible people and really had a blast.

Sunday August 2nd: Free Day

DSC01479Visited The Getty Museum! Then had dinner with a friend in Hermosa Beach, which, along with neighboring beaches, was the site of the International Surf Festival. The band ALO was playing right on the beach and a large group of people gathered around. The moment exemplified So Cal – reggae beats, warm sun, setting slowly, tons of people chillin out and jammin away as they sip cool drinks by the beach. It was the perfect day.

Next post…Monday August 3rd-Sunday August 9th

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