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“Never mistake motion for action”

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Week 3: Monday July 20-Sunday July 27

Fairly slow week, but every day I get insight from conversations with people I work with that is shaping my career plans and life goals. Ernest Hemingway said “never mistake motion for action.” I love this quote and it seems relevant to this week and this post. Just because you are in motion, does not mean there isn’t action you can tend to. Getting used to a place or job can sometimes make you complacent, but the slow moments are really opportunities to stand out by taking initiative on projects or making the most of your time by getting to know your superiors/co-workers. Since everyone’s path is so unique in the entertainment business, hearing many different stories/paths has given me a better idea of which I want to travel.

Overview of my week:

marvel bldg

Monday July 20th: Marvel – Production Office

Transcribed interview Kenneth Branagh gave for his film  As You Like It

Spoke with Randi Hiller from casting; hoping to pay a visit to her casting agency sometime this month.

Tuesday July 21st: NYFA


Traveled to various locations to conduct promotion…

12:00-3:00 Culver City

4:00-6:00 Venice

7:00-8:00 Hollywood

Wednesday July 22nd: Marvel – Production Office

Finished As You Like It transcription

Researched for Art Department

Intern outing – Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Club =)

Thursday July 23rd: NYFA

Traveled to various locations to conduct promotion…

12:30-3:30 Century City

4:30-5:30 Beverly Hills

Friday July 24th: Marvel – Costume Warehouse

It was incredible to see all of the different fabrics they work with and all of the intricate work these people do!

Saturday July 25th: NYFA

12:00-4:30 Beverly Hills

Took a hip hop class at Debbie Allen Dance Academy, which was such a fun experience! I love dance and did hip hop in high school so made it a priority to take a class in LA.


Sunday July 26th: NYFA

Relaxed poolside at the apartment, then headed to

a special film screening for the NYFA of Punchline and Q&A with David Seltzer at Warner Bro.s Studios. Some of his advice for up and coming filmmakers: be someone people want to work with, i.e. people skills are crucial, and take the time to study your craft, if possible, from every angle.

Next post…Monday July 27-Sunday August 2

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