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Marshal Getz in Jolly old England: Part V(b)

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Note to Marshal’s Faithful Readers:  Marshal’s editor has taken his most recent post, Marshal Getz in Jolly old Enlgand: Part V, and divided it into six shorter posts that will be released as Part V(a) through Part V (f). This is the second installment.

With my ladies at Fabric (from left: Alexandra, Lian, and Kelly)

With my girls at Fabric
(from left: Alexandra, Lian, and Kelly)

Though only 20 days have surpassed since my last post (Part IV), to me it seems more like a year.  So much has happened since I last posted that I’m really having trouble remembering it all.  I have met some really cool people here at our student living complex which has been awesome.  The OSU group here is really cool, but one of my goals for this trip was to meet people from other places.  My closest friend here was Alexandra who is from from Palo Alto, California but goes to University at Chapman in Orange County.  She worked with one of the OSU girls at a fashion company, and came out to the club with us one night and her and I became really close friends; I just really loved her California chill attitude.  Unfortunately, she left this morning so I was saddened by that.  On another day I was down in the basement washing my clothes, and noticed some Spanish kids playing this weird card game.  One of the girls was good looking so I decided to make conversation and asked them about the game.  We ended up having a 2 hour conversation and I worked with them on their English skills, and I am supposed to be going to the club with them this coming weekend.  Two weeks ago, while us EUSA students were at Cambridge University, I struck up a conversation with Lian and Kelly who were on the same trip and are from the University of Washington, and we have become pretty good friends since.   It has been so nice meeting people from different places.  These people have been great to hang out with I am so happy that I have branched out and made new friends. It is cool to chill with people from all over the world because you really get to see how you and that person are similar and different.   I chose to talk about my new friendships first because I have done so many things with these people over the past three weeks that I didn’t want to confuse you guys when I brought up their names.

Stay tuned for Part V(c)

2 Responses to Marshal Getz in Jolly old England: Part V(b)

  1. Heath says:

    Ladies Man!

  2. marshal says:

    thanks heath..miss you man

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