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Marshal Getz in Jolly old England: Part V(a)

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Note to Marshal’s Faithful Readers:  Marshal’s editor has taken his most recent post, Marshal Getz in Jolly old Enlgand: Part V, and divided it into six shorter posts that will be released as Part V(a) through Part V (f). This is the first installment.

Hiya mates, how is life back in the States?  It has been sometime since my last post and I must yet again apologize for that.  I have been having the time of my life here, and almost never have the time to sit down and blog.  However, I planned for a lazy Sunday so I would be able to relax and blog today.  This weekend has been a non-stop party.  From a visit to Cambridge University, to a wonderful walk and relaxing day in the fields of Hampstead Heath, to an evening spent at the BBC Proms with my friend Alexandra, to dancing the night away until 4am in one of the world’s best dance clubs, I have done it all this weekend.  Consequently, after having a go-go-go weekend, I wanted to have a relaxing Sunday.  My initial plans were to take a trip to coast-city of Brighton and relax on the beach, however that fell through, so I decided to spend the day relaxing in London.  I was thinking of going to either St. James Park or Regents Park, however the clouds are moving in and it is extremely windy outside so I think I will have to nix that idea and just stay here.  There is so much that I want to talk about in this blog, from my work, to the cultural experiences, to the great mates I have made from other Universities, however, it would literally take me a day to explain everything that has gone on in over the past 20 days.  But for starters, I will begin with my internship placement and then proceed to everything else.

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

When I left off last time, I had been at MASECO for about a week.  I still LOVE interning there; however so much has happened in the 20 days since I last blogged.  I have really gained a lot of knowledge about the financial world, and though I am nowhere close to becoming a financial consultant, I believe that I have made significant strides in determining what career path I want to pursue down and what I really enjoy.  For me, I believe that the periods we are in now are some of the most important in modern history.  Within the time span of a year, we have experiences one of the worst financial crisis’s in history, seen numerous banks and other financial institutions nationalized, seen the symbol of American Automobile glory file for Chapter 11, and yet just had a record second quarter with Goldman Sachs leading the way by posting a record second-quarter net income of $3.44 billion dollars.  Are we going to sail through more stormy weather before finding the calm seas?  I think so.  I don’t how it is possible for everything to be so peachy, given that the government more or less printed $700 billion in TARP aid for the banks and car companies.  When the government is writing that big of cheque, I don’t see how inflation can be avoided.  So going back to the topic, these current events are why I am so interested in the financial system and economics as a whole, and interning at MASECO has really provided me the opportunity to experience working with investments and the markets first hand.  Being a small company of seven people, I have been given a lot of responsibility and have had the ability to work on more daunting tasks because of the limited number of

Standing with the guard at St. James Palace

Standing with the guard at St. James Palace

people working at MASECO.  More or less MASECO needs my help and they aren’t going to waste anyone’s time by giving me pointless tasks to complete, I have earned the trust of the employees at MASECO and they have responded by including me in meetings, giving me challenging work, and treating me as a part of their team.  I really never get a break at MASECO which is what I like about the job.  I am constantly busy but the work is enjoyable, for example, there are a lot of times when I’ll be working on a certain task, and Josh or James will call me telling me that they need a certain spreadsheet of a client put together for them in 15 minutes.  I will get that time sensitive task completed, and as soon as I’m about to start again on the original project I was working on, Alex will need my help with something concerning PR.  These things constantly occur all day, but I really enjoy it.  It not only gives me the opportunity to work with everyone, but helps me to learn different skills as well.  This past week in particular has been very exciting.  This past Thursday MASECO moved offices from New Fetter Lane to the very prestigious Charles II Street which is sandwiched between St. James Square, Piccadilly Circus, and Trafalgar Square.  This is one of the most posh areas of London and it is amazing that MASECO is moving to this location seeing how they just opened shop a year ago.  Moving day was very fun, everyone was really happy, and we all pitched in to help pack everything.  At 4:30pm, the movers came and we all went to the local pub across the street to have our final pint or two in “the city”.  As we were about to leave, it became emotional for a few of the employees.  It was really amazing seeing the care they had for each other and their job; it was something that I had never experienced in the workplace before.  Here they were leaving the building that had been their home since their inception a year ago.  When MASECO was formed last year, no one knew if their gamble would pay off.  In reality, the idea MASECO stands for is ingenious, however, would their clients follow Josh and James to MASECO from Citi? No one really knew.  I know that some of the employees didn’t think the company would have been this far along already.  Currently, MASECO holds ~ $200 million in assets, with the hopes of reaching $1 billion within a few years.  This is an amazing opportunity for me to witness firsthand how a startup company has grown within its first year of operation.  Tomorrow marks my first day working on 10 Charles II Street, and the start of a new chapter for MASECO Financial.

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  1. Heath says:

    Marshal, sounds like London is a blast. I’m glad you having the time of your life, but i am beginning to catch some hints of british slang slipping into your english. next thing you’ll be saying “I’m feeling a bit peckish” … anyways, have fun and enjoy the rest of you time in London!!

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