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Marshal Getz in Jolly old England: Part V (e)

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Note to Marshal’s Faithful Readers:  Marshal’s editor has taken his most recent post, Marshal Getz in Jolly old Enlgand: Part V, and divided it into six shorter posts that will be released as Part V(a) through Part V (f). This is the fifth installment.

That following weekend, the students from OSU, USC, and Washington all travelled to Cambridge University.  Upon hearing of our trip to Cambridge back in June, I really wasn’t that excited to go there.  I much rather would have preferred Oxford since it is the older of the two universities.  Reading into Cambridge University before the trip, I realized that Cambridge University much better suited my interests than Oxford did.  Having majored in chemistry for two years, I have always had a very profound interest in the sciences and upon learning that some of the greatest scientists in history were Cambridge Scholars, I was immediately stoked for the trip.  This year marks the 800th year of Cambridge University as it was established in 1209 by King Henry II.   Cambridge University is home to some of the world’s best scientists, mathematicians, and literary figures whereas Oxford is home to some of the greatest politicians.  Some of the great men to have graduated from Cambridge University are: Stephen Hawking, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Francis Bacon, Niels Bohr, James Clerk Maxwell, John Milton, Charles Darwin, Sacha Baron-Cohen (BORAT), Christopher Marlowe, John Harvard (founder of that other university in Cambridge, MA), C.S. Lewis, William Pitt, Oliver Cromwell, and Prince Charles.  While I was looking up the number of great men who have graduated Cambridge University, I was in utter shock.  The men that I listed are only a small portion of the great men who have graduated from Cambridge, however, their contributions to society and to England are astronomical.  Walking around the university was awesome!  Being the nerd that I am, I thought it was so cool to be walking around the same campus where Newton developed his numerous theories on gravitation and motion and where Darwin worked to perfect his Origin of Species.  My favourite part of the trip though was having a drink in the Eagle Pub, the same pub where James Watson exclaimed to Francis Crick “We have found the secret of life”.  Watson and Cricks discovery of the structure of DNA in 1953 has been recognized as one of the greatest achievements in human history, and it was really cool to sit and have a drink in the place where that massive discovery was announced.  Following a pint of ale at the Eagle, I paid a visit to

View of Trinity College that I took from atop St. Mary's Church

View of Trinity College that I took from atop St. Mary's Church

Trinity College.

**As a little side note, Cambridge and Oxford are broken up into several colleges, much like Ohio State University, however, enrollment into Cambridge or Oxford is strictly based on the judgment of the certain College that you apply to.  Also, the separate colleges do not have a specific major which is unlike OSU where Fisher College is for business students and Knowlton School is strictly for Architects.  For example, Cambridge’s Trinity College had notable figures such as Sir Isaac Newton (Physicist) and Alfred Lord Tennyson (Poet).

Trinity College is Cambridge University’s most notable college.  In fact, Trinity has produced 31 Nobel Laureates, which quite to my amusement is more than the whole of France.   Not only does Trinity College boast a ridiculous amount of Nobel Laureates, but the college is the 3rd largest land owner in all of England, after the Crown and the Church of England.  Following my walk around Trinity College, Allison, Alexandra, and myself went on a punt ride on the river Cam.  The punt rides are much like those in Venice except much cheaper and are a must do while at Cambridge.  The punt is a little boat with a guy rowing in the back, and the trip on the river took us around the backs or the colleges where it is less crowded and much more beautiful. Upon returning to London after an awesome day at Cambridge, I accompanied Alexandra to an evening at the Royal Albert Opera Hall and the experience of a lifetime watching the BBC Proms.

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