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My Fisher Internship
Internship Program @ Cohen & Company

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For this week’s entry I decided I would describe what the intern program is all about at Cohen. Having been involved with the firm in the winter on a part-time basis prevented me from being exposed to the internship program in its entirety. It all starts the first week for training but after that the nine week program is filled with exciting events. A list of some of these events are:

  • Client Tours
  • Etiquette Dinner
  • Networking Training
  • Actual Networking Events
  • Projects and Papers
  • Interviewing other employees
  • Final Presentation

Because of confidentiality I am not able to say which clients we were able to tour however the ability to sit in the board room and talk face to face with the CEO of local companies has been an amazing experience. These clients range from not-for-profit companies to insurance providers. These tours provide a much-needed break from client work and the ability to discuss with these firms how they are handling their business in such a struggling economy has been a very interesting process.

Through the etiquette dinner and networking events, myself and the other interns have learned the importance of making connections from the beginning because you never know who you might have to call upon in the future. Cohen has made an effort to reach out to other local firm with interns for us to network with since they will be the ones we will most likely be dealing with.

One part of the program is that the interns work on a summer-long project. In the past the interns had been separated and worked on two separate assignments “Apprentice” style. For this year, the project was combined into one group and our task is to create a fully functioning Facebook page for Cohen & Company to use for recruiting. Our team just completed our mid-point evaluation and look to be well on the way to creating a great tool for Cohen in the future.

Another assignment we must complete is writing numerous papers on everything from our goals for the internship to a possible client for Cohen and why they would be a good fit for the firm. We were also required to interview 5 different employees and ask them a series of questions to become more aware of our fellow employees. During the final week of our internship we will present in front of the executives of the firm our Facebook page along with a user’s guide to keep it functioning. We will then publish the site and monitor it for our final week.

If anyone has any questions about the program please don’t hesitate to comment below or e-mail me at Also, for next week what would everyone like to hear about? I will be on the road all next week so if anyone has any suggestions please comment.

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