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Day & Night in the Big Apple

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Hello readers,

It’s been awhile since you guys have heard from me and a lot has happened since then. I have completed my training and settled into my role as a Transactions Advisory Services intern with EY. I’ve already gotten the chance to work on two different projects where we help advise our clients on whether or not to acquire a target company, and if so at what price. I am learning on the fly and picking up so many things in both the finance and accounting sectors. I don’t want to bore you with the details (also for the first time in my life I can say that it is classified information…sounds pretty cool to say), but mainly I am working with analyzing trends in companies’ financial statements.

My team is a collection of very bright, but very young people, in addition to a partner within the firm and a senior manager. I get to work in a conference room that offers a corner view of both Times Square and the Hudson River from the 25th floor of EY’s building. I share the room with three first or second year staff members of the TAS group and all are really nice and helpful when I come to them with a question. A lot of the work I’ve been doing relates very closely with some of the concepts in my Accounting 523 class (pensions, fair value, and inventory etc…), as well as my Fixed Income Securities class (I even got exposure to some foreign exchange forward contracts…which were complex enough in class, and even more so in working with them). Seeing as there was no way I could retain every intricate detail of the concepts I learned in class, my team has been a huge help in bringing me up to speed with some of my work. Everyone remembers what it was like to start off as either an intern or a first year staff, so they are always more than happy to answer any questions I might have and help me if I come across a particularly difficult problem.

But enough about my work during the day…I’m sure some of you guys would like to know what New York City is like at night. Well usually at least one or two days during the week, a bunch of us interns will stop by a pretty cool local bar for happy hour after work. Our first NYC happy hour was a huge shock to me…a pitcher of beer for $20!!! Now, we must have made a mistake in choosing too expensive of a bar because the rest of our happy hours have been much less than that, but still a whole lot more expensive than in Columbus.

There hasn’t really been a typical night out in the Big Apple, there’s just too much to do; so I guess I’ll just tell you some of the various things I’ve gotten to experience here. First, we’ve been to a couple of rooftop bars with amazing views of the Manhattan skyline at night…rooftop bars are a big hit up here. I’ve also been to Chinatown (amazing food), Little Italy (we got to see a spaghetti eating contest on the Fourth of July and had gelatos), and Harlem (where me and two of my intern friends have found our favorite local neighborhood bar). On the Fourth of July, a few of my friends from Ohio State came up to watch the fireworks on the Hudson River (this year was extra special because it is the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson sailing the river for the first time). The fireworks were amazing, and even more incredible when you realize that there were five other similar fireworks shows occurring simultaneously up and down the river.
In the future, I hope to complete my exploration of all 5 boroughs. I have been to Brooklyn (by accidentally taking the wrong subway, but I’m glad I did because Brooklyn is a pretty cool place, definitely more residential than Manhattan) and Queens (for a barbeque with coworkers and also some Ohio State alumni). This leaves the Bronx and Staten Island on my list of things to see. I would also like to see a Broadway show (if I can find reasonably priced tickets) and also visit Long Island beach. Well there’s definitely plenty of material for the next time I post, so until them so long from the Big Apple.

China Town

China Town

Little Italy

Little Italy

2 Responses to Day & Night in the Big Apple

  1. Sean says:

    Andy i’m jealous sounds like you’re having a blast, best of luck to you.

  2. Kim Bader says:

    Wow–it sounds like you’re having a wonderful time in NYC!

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