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Michael, Marvel, and Milla

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Hi again! In my previous post I left off almost completely clueless. Well, I am happy to annouce that I am in LA and things are progressing well =)

hollywoodI arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday July 1st around 7:00 PM and headed to my apartment (I’ll post some pictures soon!) in Westwood, near UCLA. My roommate seemed very cool and we clicked right away! Thursday morning my rental car was delivered and I headed to the New York Film Academy (NYFA) in Universal City where I met with my boss, Dan, to discuss the details of my part-time internship. Basically, my job will be to maximize their direct marketing efforts across the Los Angeles area. Conveniently, my route begins with Westwood. I will be approaching various businesses, restaurants, shops, etc.  about leaving flyers / hanging posters in their spaces. I am committed to this job for 2-3 days of the week and I basically set (and must keep track of) my own hours and document my progress.

The rest of the work week I will be spending in Manhattan Beach where the film Thor is currently in pre-production. I headed down there this afternoon for the first time, met all of the people, and received all of my necessary badges/passes. Tomorrow will be my first full day! The Marvel studio lot is HUGE…Currently, Iron Man 2, 90210, and a couple of other projects are shooting there.

To hear more about my first week (and my plans to meet celebrities :p), tune into YouTube Video #2…

P.S. We need to start a petition to bring Yogurtland to Columbus, Oh.

6 Responses to Michael, Marvel, and Milla

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Allie – great idea to add video to the blog and I’d love to see some video of where you work and what you do there.

    Unfortunately, I have no experience in meeting movie stars so I have no advice to help you achieve your star sighting goals. But good luck!

    Mark Wilson

  2. catalina says:

    I am happy for you!It seems like you are having fun and doing lots of things.. its a exiting/scary part right? I really want to meet you in person when I get to osu.

    Oh, by the way… my favorite icecream was dipping the fresh baked cones in chocolate and then putting some fresh soft vanilla on top… it was wonderfull.. I actually have a youtube link I can show you of the ice cream fatory..

  3. Leigh Ann says:

    Hi i miss you terribly… keep posting blogs so i can watch you! :) didn’t you meet celebrity #1 already? I hope you’re succeeding! lol if you meet celebrity #2 i will be sooo jealous. Give him my number ;) I miss you roommate :( but have fun and enjoy LA they are lucky to have you! :)

  4. Patrick West says:

    A pinkberry would be good also

  5. Lauren says:

    that l.a. smog must be good for you, you’re GLOWING! i am so excited for you, keep up the hard work :)

  6. Allie says:

    Leigh Ann: Nope not yet! But hopefully I’ll figure out a way to! =) Miss you SO MUCH!!

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