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Dimitar @ NESTLE [Part 2]

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After the last final on Thursday and an eventful Senior Crawl that night, I got on a flight early Friday morning to move to LA for the summer. This is my third week at Nestle.

The Move: Nestle took complete care of the move. They paid for a round-trip flight to LA, a furnished apartment (I pay 30% of the cost), and a rental car. I arrived in Burbank on Friday, got the car, and moved in. I’m staying at a large apartment complex nestled in the hills between Burbank and Hollywood. The location is pretty sweet with easy access to studios, highways, and malls. The best thing about the location is the million-dollar mountain view and the fact that its only 10 minutes away from work and 20-30 minutes away from beaches.

The Apartment

The Apartment

The Company: Nestle is the world’s largest food company. It’s world headquarters is located in Vevey, Switzerland – one of the prettiest places on earth. The company has been around since 1860 and grew notorious for its exceptional chocolate. Today, Nestle owns many brands outside of the chocolate and confections industry. These include everything from Frozen Foods such as Stoffers and Hot Pockets to Beverages including Juicy Juice and Nesquik. See a complete list of all Nestle brands. I don’t want to bore you with details on the complete structure of this pretty flat company (as oppose to a total corporate pyramid), I’ll just let you know that as an intern, I stand only 5 people away from the USA CEO – and that’s pretty cool and pretty different from other organizations.

My Projects: I will probably write a separate blog post in the future describing my projects in more detail. For now, I’ll just let you know that they seem to be relevant to material I learned at school in Operations 630 and Logistics 780. For example, the objective of one of my projects is to establish optimum inventory targets for specific beverage products. Having an understanding of what drives inventory, which I learned in both 780 and 630, has been very helpful for this. However, the concepts learned at school were at a very high level, whereas a much deeper understanding is required at work. Thus, one advice for people thinking of going into Logistics or Operations would be to take classes seriously as you will actually use everything (or at least most things) you learn in them.

Employee Dining Center

Employee Dining Center

Company Perks: I must say that there are a lot of perks at Nestle. The Nestle building itself is amazing. It is a 21 floor building that has been renovated and quite modernized. The elevators of each floor are neatly decorated with the logos of various Nestle brands – and every floor houses a different department and has unique characteristics. On the first floor, is a brand new (or renovated) dining center, decorated with modern furniture featuring many delicious food options. All food is subsidized by the company – a large meal (Chicken Breast, Rice, Vegetables, Drink) ranges from 4 to 5 dollars. On the second floor is a company gym, called “The Wing.” I believe the gym was opened last year. All the equipment is top-of-the-line to the point that its unnecessary. The sweetest part of the gym is the big lockers and fancy showers that allow for workouts during the work day. I can work out and sweat during my lunch break, bring a clean change of clothes, shower, and return to the office without anyone knowing that I just worked out.

For length purposes I will end my blog post here. On my next post I will talk about Being a Buckeye at Nestle, and some of the Challenges. I will also post a lot of pictures.

3 Responses to Dimitar @ NESTLE [Part 2]

  1. catalina says:

    Yay!! love your blog! miss you a lot!!! :( could you call me? I need to hear more stories.. sorry the blog is not enough for me!! :)

  2. E. Rudolph says:

    D! Sounds like fun out there in sunny California. I’m pretty jealous. :) Miss you!

  3. Andrew says:

    sounds like you’re living the life out in Cali

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