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Exciting First Week & A New Internship

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Hello again guys,

Well I am back from the beach in Panama City and have been thrown to the wolves here at Ernst & Young in NYC. Well actually that’s not true, everyone in the office has been great so far. On Monday, my first day, I got to meet all of the audit and tax interns from the Connecticut, New Jersey, Long Island, and New York offices for training. We went around the room and got to know a little about everyone. This was a great transition into our internship because everyone (well at least I was) was a little nervous about starting as an intern at such a large firm in a fast-paced city. Everyone has been really nice and friendly so far: the recruiters, the interns, and the staff. It’s pretty cool working with a lot of other young people, especially such a diverse group of people where you can look around the room and see people from five or six different continents in one 360 degree turn.

On Tuesday, we had more orientation training for the EY Northeast area offices. We learned a little more about what was expected of us as interns and also began learning about their computer system. We were issued laptops on which we will perform most of our work this summer, through EY’s various software and programs for auditing. Then, on Wednesday after some more training in the morning, we were taken out to Central Park for an afternoon of team building exercises. We were broken down into about 8 teams and competed in various activities such as kickball, capture the flag, and tug-of-war. My team, the purple team, had a lot of fun together, especially when we dominated in ultimate Frisbee! This was my first time in Central Park; it’s pretty crazy to see miles of tall trees and actual grass right in the middle of the sprawling metropolis that is New York City.

In another bit of exciting news, I’m sure that all of you have had someone stress the importance of networking at one time or another in your search for an internship/job. Well let me jump on the bandwagon and try to hammer home that point some more. Earlier in the week a recruiter from the Ernst & Young Transactions Advisory Service came to see the assurance interns about taking one or two of them into their TAS internship program. For those of you who don’t know, the TAS program generally advises clients on things such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and other various transactions. I was excited for the opportunity to join the TAS program because I had originally wanted to intern there, but they weren’t hiring anymore interns when I interviewed. I went to an informational meeting after work where I got a chance to talk with some of the seniors and recruiters from the TAS group about the program and also about my interests and background. I was surprised to learn that one of the seniors in the TAS group graduated from OSU and was also the vice president of the OSU alumni club for the greater New York area. I talked with the OSU alum for awhile, telling him about myself and how interested I was in the program. The next day, I got a call inviting me to join the TAS internship program here in New York, which I immediately accepted.

Another plus of my networking is that I, along with the other OSU interns working around the city, was invited to a happy hour sponsored by the OSU greater New York alumni club. At this happy hour, I got to meet a lot of OSU grads working in NYC, all with interesting experiences and stories to tell. O yea, we also had free drinks, filet mignon, cheeseburger, and shrimp appetizers…talk about living the good life!

Well that’s about all for my first week for now. It’s been a wonderful experience living in NYC and working for EY so far. The people at EY, as well as all the excellent opportunities, have convinced me that I made an excellent choice in my summer internship, and the summer promises to be a great learning experience as well as a heck of a lot of fun.

7 Responses to Exciting First Week & A New Internship

  1. Nancy Lahmers says:

    Andy, Great job with the networking and earning the internship opportunity.

  2. Jake says:

    That the view from you apartment?

  3. Andrew says:

    Just a picture I found to give everyone an idea of how large Central Park is, and to show how it is right in the middle of Manhattan.

  4. E. Rudolph says:

    Andy. I’m in TS too! You’ll have to tell me all about your experience!

  5. Chris H. says:

    Great work Andrew! See ya on the floor someday!

  6. Sean McIntyre says:

    Andy you seem like a super-cool dude, keep up the super duper work

  7. Alex Metz says:

    Wow Andrew! Seems like a lot of fun in NYC. What’s the night life like? Have you seen any Broadway shows? I hear Moulin Rouge is pretty good!