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I am writing this post after a ridiculously crazy week. It all started Sunday night when I drove to Cleveland to fly to Richmond, Virginia to perform a SAS 70 audit for a client. If you have any questions about what any of that means please feel free to contact me. After four days of field work it was back to Cleveland for an office visit Friday morning and a downtown Cleveland event the rest of the day. Anyone who lives in the Midwest knows about the storm that went through Thursday evening. As a result our flight from Virginia was delayed and once we landed in Cleveland we had to wait for a gate to open up to enter the airport. Once we found a gate we were made aware that the airport was entirely out of power. Finally, around 11:30 I made it back to my hotel in Westlake. The following day was another eventful one. We started off with a tour of the Westlake office and primarily the CFAS practice then it was back downtown for an event that we were told was past intern’s favorite part of their internship. I on the other hand was quite skeptical and anxious to get home due to the fact that I had slept on a hotel bed for 10 of the last 11 nights.

The event was phenomenal! We were matched up with other Cleveland summer interns and took part in a scavenger hunt that stretched all over downtown. On the list were certain tasks such as taking a picture with a sports player all the way to taking a menu from a downtown restaurant. Each group had a specified meeting time with one influential member of the city of Cleveland. Our interview was at the court house and we met the Chief of Government Affairs, Valarie McCall. The best part was that we mentioned to her one of the items on the list concenring a politician. Ten minutes later we are introduced to the Mayor of Cleveland – Mr. Frank Jackson. The best part of the whole day though was after we returned to the starting location, we found out from the woman who coordinated the event that the Mayor welcomed us as his guests to the tribute to Michael Jackson at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame this upcoming Sunday. I was already planning on coming up for the Indians and Reds game so I will most likely make a visit. I was told the picture would be forwarded onto me next week so I will be sure to attach it in my next post. But for now it’s back to Columbus for a relaxing weekend!

4 Responses to Cleveland Experience

  1. Eugene says:

    Hey Jake

    Key is a part of iCleveland too, are you doing any of the power lunches? I think they are on the 8th and 22nd of July.

  2. Jake says:

    I will not be attending either of them due to traveling. I will be in New Jersey on the 8th and back to Virginia on the 22nd. However, I know that some of the other interns at Cohen & Company have been made aware of the events.

  3. Sean McIntyre says:

    I think you should give up on accounting and pick up writing or professional blogging.

  4. Hallie Lewis says:

    Hi Jake! Your blog is interesting! You did a good job on it so far!

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