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A post from Panama about Housing in NYC

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Hey guys, I have not quite started my internship for Ernst & Young in New York City yet. In fact, this week I have been trying to get everything in order for my internship while enjoying the sun and the sand on a Panama City Beach, Florida vacation with 24 family members and relatives. To get prepared, I packed most of my suitcase before I left for my beach vacation. I also filled out some paperwork to be turned in on my first day at EY.

Since I haven’t had my first day experience yet (more on that in my next post), I will tell you about how I went about getting my housing in New York City. Other than my office visit to Ernst & Young’s New York City office for my final interview, I had only been to New York one other time. Because of this, I was pretty unfamiliar with the city, but luckily the people at EY were a big help. When I received my offer from EY back in December, I was incredibly excited for the opportunity that I had just been given. However, I was also a little nervous when I realized that I would be out on my own in the Big Apple. The first thing I did was to email my tour guide from my office visit and also some of the other recent full-time hires that I was matched up with on my visit. I asked them what I should do about summer housing since I am from Ohio and don’t have relatives in the area. They told me that many interns choose to live in either dorms or apartments provided by New York University. They said that this would be my cheapest option for living in Manhattan, and that I would also be able to pay for each week I was there rather than renting it out for a full three months when I wouldn’t be there that long.

I checked with the recruiters at EY’s NYC office, and they confirmed that this was a popular choice for summer interns and would fit my needs for the summer. Taking their advice, I went to NYU’s summer housing website (NYU Summer Housing for Applicants). At the website, I saw that I could choose to live in a residence hall or a furnished apartment. I choose to go for a single bedroom furnished apartment because I didn’t want to go back to living in a dorm after two years of living in off-campus housing at Ohio State. With the furnished apartments owned by NYU, I could choose from a variety of locations around the city. The single bedroom apartments are located on Second Street and 26th Street. I chose the 26th Street apartment as my first choice because it was closer (1.1 miles walking distance) to my Times Square office location. Living arrangements with NYU are given out on a first come, first serve basis where you choose 5 locations in order of preference. Everyone I talked to said that NYU housing locations go extremely fast, so I made sure that I filled out my online application as soon as the registration window opened. If I could stress one piece of advice to students thinking about living in New York through NYU, it is to make sure that you apply for housing as soon as the registration window opens. It would have been a lot more expensive and more time consuming to find a place to live in Manhattan for 9 weeks this summer if I had missed out on NYU’s housing.

I am a little nervous about living on my own in New York City this summer, but I do have friends in the area to help make my transition a little easier. My friend Alli is working for Deloitte and living in the same building as I am this summer, and my friend Bofei is working for Madison Square Garden. Since my apartment is only 1.1 miles walking distance from work, I will walk to and from work when time and the weather allow me to. Also, I will be getting a Bus/Subway pass to help get around the city; both when there is inclement weather and also just to be able to travel to all corners of the city and explore everything that the Big Apple has to offer. I hope to see and experience as much of New York as I can during my nine weeks there, and I will definitely make sure to share all my experiences and adventures with you guys as they happen this summer.

4 Responses to A post from Panama about Housing in NYC

  1. Margie says:

    Great advice about housing – thanks for sharing that! And don’t be too worried – not only do you already have friends there, but you’ll make fast friends at E&Y as well!
    I feel so sorry for you having to be on a beach before you start!!

  2. catalina says:

    Andy!! fun post! you need to tell me all about panama.. are you comming to visit texas? its really fun!!! miss you friend!

  3. Lorraine Pennyman says:

    I really like your information about housing. I think future interns will really appreciate your advice!

  4. Alfred says:

    I had no idea that you could rent dorm rooms. I always wondered how interns could afford to live in Manhattan.

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