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First day/week at Cohen & Company

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Hey everybody! Glad to see this site has been getting a good amount of activity. I am writing this entry a little later in the week due to my travel agenda for my first week. At Cohen & Company, the training process occurs throughout the first week and exposes the intern class to a few offices. Being from the location which is the furthest from the main office, I have been the unfortunate victim of traveling all across Northeast Ohio. I started in the downtown Cleveland office on Monday morning at 9 o’clock which meant leaving Columbus at roughly 6:30!  I was fortunate enough to stay at the Wyndham for two nights and was treated to numerous delicious Cleveland restaurants.

The Wyndham - Cleveland

The Wyndham - Cleveland

The great part about the hotel was it was right across the street from the office. Being able to wake up at 8 instead of 5:30 on the 2nd day was a great surprise!  After Cleveland I was on my way to Akron for the first time, where I was staying at the Radisson. This was my first time seeing the Akron office and after a day of training it was back to the hotel before I left the following morning for my final stop of the week – Youngstown. This was also my first time to Youngstown. Finally, at the end of the work week I was back on the road for a nice 3 hour drive home to Columbus. However, while training I found out I will be working on an engagement very soon. In fact, this Sunday (6/21) I will be driving back up to Cleveland for a 7PM flight to Richmond, Virginia where I will be working on a SAS 70 Audit until Thursday. This engagement is one of the services offered by the entity of Cohen I will be working with mostly – Cohen Fund Audit Services (CFAS) .

This week has officially been my first introduction to the concept of “living out of a suitcase”. The most frustrating part is that I was exposed to all of these training materials this past winter when I interned part-time. However, the principles and shortcuts serve as great reminders and refreshers. Either way, I am definitely looking forward to getting back to work and eventually making it into my home office back in Columbus. I am sure that my next entry will discuss my trip to Virginia and any interesting things that came up while performing field work. As mentioned by other bloggers, if any of you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me:   -or-



4 Responses to First day/week at Cohen & Company

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Jake – so what do you like most and least about traveling for work?

  2. Jake Vogel says:


    Great question! The ability to see new places and actually spend a good amount of time there has been my favorite aspect of traveling. To stay in downtown Cleveland, or visit the city that LeBron built (Akron), or to figure out where Youngstown, Ohio even is located have all been great opportunities.

    The only down side of traveling is being away from home. Sleeping in hotel beds is only fun for so long. After being away for so long it gets a little repetitive. The good points have definitely outweighed the bad points and I look forward to future trips in Richmond, Virginia and New Jersey.

  3. Vaishali Thirwani says:

    Did you have a favorite location of the ones you saw?
    Hope its going well!!

  4. Jake Vogel says:

    Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. My new answer to the question based on all the traveling I have done would be New Jersey. I have never been to NYC or the surrounding areas and it was definitely an interesting experience.

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