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Marshal Getz in Jolly old England: Part II

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Hey everyone!! hope you all enjoyed my first blog.  Summer officially started for me about twenty minutes ago when I completed my BA 499 final.  Seeing how I just survived one of the toughest quarters ever, most of the people who know me probably assume that I’d be in the bar by now, however, seeing how it is only noon, I figured that I would hold off with the celebrations until this evening.  In the meantime, I figured that I would update all of my readers on the status of my internship.  I found out almost two weeks ago that I was going to be interning with the independent wealth management firm, MASECO

MASECO is located in the heart of the ‘City of London’ (aka London’s Financial District/The Square Mile), and was established in December 2007 by Joshua Matthews and James Sellon.  Like I described earlier, MASECO is a independent firm specializing in developing and implementing financial planning and tax efficient wealth management strategies for individuals and families (Predominiantly American expatriates).  Matthews and Sellon had previously managed over $500 million of assets from the UK office of Citigroup/Smith Barney.  MASECO’s founders firmly believe that during the past twenty years, there has been a shift in relationship banking and that the product-driven model delivered by some of the larger institutions is no longer desirable for wealthy private clients.  It is because of this that they developed MASECO to better meet their clients sophisticated needs.  While interning at MASECO, I will have the privilege to work in a team with five other people, many of whom have previously worked at Smith Barney and Citigroup.  While on this team, I will be helping the guys on projects and proposals, and when I’m on my own, I’ll be updating the database of potential clients and so forth. 

I am extremely excited in this opportunity to not only have the rare opportunity to get involved in seeing how a small start up works, but to work with Joshua Matthews and James Sellon, two entrepreneurial men who have made their mark on the financial world. 

Well, I think this is about all that I am going to talk about today, I’m kind of hungry and am thinking about getting some lunch at the Marketplace.  Man I love that place.  I’ll be heading across the pond in nine days, so I’d appreciate the prayers for the safety of the flight, and I’ll update all of my readers when I arrive in the UK.  Cheers mate.

Oh ya…I need to give a shout-out to my two Awesome Sisters Liz and Em…Love you guys..                                                                   

The two COOLEST gals on the Planet

2 Responses to Marshal Getz in Jolly old England: Part II

  1. emily getz says:

    heyyy marshal! well i hope you are having an amazinggg time in London! Thanks for the shoutout brother! lol I love you too! Cant wait to read your next blog!

  2. Heath McAfee says:

    Marshal, glad you liked the email. I take it you made it to London. You really should update this blog! lol Hope your having fun. I am going offshore on Monday! It should be sweet!

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