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My Fisher Internship
Jake Vogel @ Cohen & Company

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Jake Vogel

Hi my name is Jake Vogel and I am a third year accounting major.  This summer I will be interning full-time with a regional accounting firm, based out of Cleveland, here in Dublin. I worked part-time with Cohen & Company during the busy season and am returning on June 15th.  I will continue in the CFAS (Cohen Fund Audit Services) department while doing AA and Tax work. CFAS is similar to typical auditing but focuses only on mutual and hedge funds.  I was first exposed to Cohen last May at the Accounting Association’s Winter Internship Night. Since then I interviewed in Cleveland in July then started working part-time the first week of January.  I am looking forward to seeing and working with my co-workers again as well as furthering my knowledge of accounting principles.  Having worked for Cohen in the Winter, there are not too many things I am anxious about. The only thing that will be different is I will be traveling to Cleveland more for training and other intern exercises.  By blogging about my experience, I hope that I am able to expose interested students to an alternative path for accounting majors. Not only through a non Big 4 firm but also in the service of fund auditing.

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  1. Chris H. says:

    You look like Dracula in your picture. Also you need a pink tie…the color of trust.

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