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My Fisher Internship
My Internship in a Nutshell

Hi Everyone, Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while! I have been trying to find ways to sum up my summer in a blog post, but thought sharing this may be much more adequate. I created this Prezi for my end of summer presentation and feel it really summed up my experience at Cardinal […]

Shifting Focus
Shifting Focus

  This summer flew by. Last week I presented my final project and wrapped up my internship with Univar, and I can not put into words how valuable my time there has been. I am wiser and much more focused on my future goals, and I am so thankful for the opportunities, guidance and help […]

Saying goodbye to ArcelorMittal

My time with ArcelorMittal was better than I could have ever planned. I stepped into the internship with zero knowledge of the industry and limited knowledge about accounting, yet I never was afraid of failing. Every person I met did their best to help me to understand more about their specific position with the company […]

“What did you learn this summer?”
"What did you learn this summer?"

I just have 4 days of my work left at my internship, and before I leave, I am required to give a final presentation, on which I will be assessed for a full-time job offer. Scary. My presentation is Monday, August 5, but I also have to have a final meeting with my supervisor about […]

Adieu to You, Sweet California!
Adieu to You, Sweet California!

Cue the sappy music now–my summer with Ford is coming to an end.  I can’t believe my summer in California is almost over.  I spent the past two weeks tying up loose ends to my summer project and working on my final presentation–and I can honestly say I am so sad this is over!! I […]

Less than 24 hours in Chicago

My last week with the company was a whirlwind of excitement. On Wednesday, I flew out to Chicago with the assistant controller of ArcelorMittal USA and the controller of Cleveland and then we drove an hour east to Burns Harbor, Indiana. ArcelorMittal has two giant steel mills in Indiana, Indiana Harbor and Burns Harbor, and […]