Zumba Zumba

Because I didn’t write a blog last week, this week there is a BONUS blog from me!

This past Sunday, I tried Zumba for the first time. I had heard from friends and family that it is so much fun, exhausting, but it really is a fun workout. And for the longest time, I had been so freaked out to try it that I put it off and put off. Well finally, in an effort to prepare for the Fisher 5k (preview and advertisement for next week’s blog) and with the encouragement from my friends I decided to get up the nerve to do it.

To figure out how I was going to try Zumba, I did some research online as to where they have classes, times, and prices. I heard and somewhat knew that at the RPAC (the most amazing university gym in the country) they offer all different types of fitness classes. You can either pay per class, which is $5 per class, or $50 for an entire quarter and you can go to any class you want at any time. These are prices for students who are currently paying tuition in that quarter. I have yet to figure out what will happen in the summer if I want to take classes…. However, this, for me, is an EXCELLENT price and they also offer so many different classes at pretty convenient times too.

Anyway, back to Zumba… my friend and I went to the class on Sunday from 5:30-6:30pm. All you have to do, if you are paying per class, is go to the Welcome Center at the RPAC, then go downstairs to the South Gym. They have different instructors depending on the day, but the lady that taught our class was named Amanda and she was AWESOME. She told us at the beginning that if we couldn’t hear her, to just put our hands to our ears so she could see and she would turn her mic up. She did the moves with us the whole time and she would always show you what to do first, before we actually started the song. What this means is that it was really easy to pick up, especially considering it was my friend’s and my first time. Of course, we stood in the back, but neither of us felt left behind or that we weren’t capable of doing whatever it was we were supposed to be doing.

As far as the actual workout, it is INTENSE. It is all cardio, although, you can add weights if you want to. You are constantly bouncing on your feet, jumping, and moving your hips. It certainly lives up to its’ “fitness party” tagline. The music is played pretty loud, which is fun (way too much fun), and you incorporate dance moves into the cardio routine, based on the music. The music is a mix of reggae ton, hip hop, Latin, and pop music.

I cannot say enough about Zumba. I’ve never thoroughly “enjoyed” working out unless it was for a sport, but this is so much fun! It’s a great way to get out and relieve some stress, especially on Sundays, it is a perfect way to start the week!