Screaming Halloween

Although I’m getting older day by day, I’m still like exciting stuff. And roller coasters apparently rank No.1 among things that are exciting, so when my friend asked me to go to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio I had no hesitation!

We arrived Cedar Point around 2:00pm on Saturday after about a two hour drive, and there were a lot of people there already. After waiting for two hours in line (during which we heard much screaming), we sat in the first row of the Raptor! It’s difficult to describe my feelings, but I know all people who ever went on a roller coaster had the  same experience as me. And we all know waiting in line was worthwhile~~

We rode on several roller coasters and went in haunted houses, and it’s a pity that we couldn’t go through all of them – I need to wait until next May to come back since Cedar Point is going to close for the season after next weekend. Anyway, the most exciting one to me was Top Thrill Dragster!!! It ranks No.2 among the most thrilling roller coasters around the world only after Kingda Ka in New Jersey, and actually they are both the same type of roller coaster. I sooooo enjoy the process of accelerating and you never need to worry that you’ll hit something. I kept screaming all the way and my friend said I gave out dolphin vocal sounds … I guess I was just releasing stress that way. I don’t know how many times I’ll go to Cedar Point, but I just know no matter how many times, I’ll definitely find every time fun and exciting!