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This week’s top five

  1. Picture: O-I-I-O (see my earlier post on Mirror Lake)
  2. Movie: New Moon (and in itself the fact that I could go to the movies…)
  3. Funny moment: Prof. Campbell playing Snoop Dogg as a preview to the class on “getting paid”
  4. Event: the Fisher Winter Games. Congrats to MH on winning the triple crown!
  5. The new wave of birthdays has begun!

“Hice algo sweet pa la lady something crazy…” – Tego Calderón

This week’s top five

  1. The BEAUTIFUL weather! I wonder when I’ll see 27+°C in my apartment again without relying on the heat…
  2. Store: Whole Foods in Dublin.
  3. Event: SK’s birthday celebration at Bodega.
  4. Quote: “It’s not even December, and it already reeks like Christmas”, by JDNK. Hey, it’s true…
  5. Activity: sleeping!

“The last head falls to the ground, no one is left alive; they thought that they could take me down, but it’s not my time to die” – Amon Amarth

This week’s top five

  1. Fact: I requested my SSN.
  2. Quote: “I hate you”, by the Baby. Yeah, right…
  3. Event: the workshop with the Google VP of Finance.
  4. Location: Prime Outlets in Jeffersonville
  5. Class thing: I saw that name tags can be confusing, as SM was called by KD’s name in class, with the corresponding following awkward silence.

“…so we take the LIFO reserve…” – Prof. Roulstone

This week’s top five

  1. Mental quote: “Hm, I wonder if that’s our plane” referring to a plane I could see through the window while I was already taxiing towards the runway.
  2. Event: The Alejandro Fernández concert!
  3. Quote: “I’m Samantha”, by JPD. It’s amazing what a hungry person will do for a slice of free pizza.
  4. Place: The Minneapolis skyway.
  5. Show: The City, and also the fact that I actually got to see it without sacrificing schoolwork.

“Life is demanding, without understanding…” – Ace of Base

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