Let’s Do Lunch

Jesse Tyson (left), former Global Aviation Leader for ExxonMobil came to speak at a Cullman Luncheon in late September 2013

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a Cullman luncheon with the former President and COO of Wilson’s Leather, Dave Rogers. Earlier this fall I participated in a Cullman Luncheon that featured Jesse Tyson, Global Aviation Leader for ExxonMobil. The Cullman Executive Luncheon Series is designed to bring 10-15 graduate students and senior executives, many of whom are also graduates of Fisher, together in an informal setting. Past executives have identified their current roles, discussed work history, and have provided insights into business in general. There is also a time for Q&A at the end.

Personally, it was hugely beneficial to interact with and glean “best practices” from these executives who had 35+ year careers to draw upon. Jesse and Dave both shared things that they did well and also shared about things to avoid as a manager and an executive. The questions asked by my fellow classmates were also very informative and brought out the richness of their experiences in business.

In an age where there seems to be a lack of either good or ethical leadership, the luncheon was a great way to get face to face with an executive who led well and could share those experiences and lessons learned along the way.

Jack Detzel, Director of Supply Chain Capability & Baseline Optimization/Productivity for PepsiCo, is coming to speak at a Cullman Luncheon in October
Craig Bahner, Fisher alumnus and Wendy’s chief marketing officer came to speak at a Cullman luncheon in April 2013


This week’s top five

  1. “We’d like to have an interview with you” and the subsequent angelical chorus in my head.
  2. Show: Robot Chicken. I don’t know exactly why, but I can’t stop laughing when I watch it.
  3. Event: The Real Madrid-Barcelona game, which ended 0-2. Viva Barça!
  4. Shopping lesson: don’t get carried away shopping at Victoria’s Secret… :S
  5. The nice little weather roller-coaster: from 31°C to -1°C to 24°C in 48 hours?

“Couldn’t stand to be kept away, just for the day…”  – Chicago

This week’s top five

Note: this post is a couple of weeks old and has been edited for content.

  1. Place: Orlando, FL. I miss Florida a LOT, but it sure was nice to be able to drive there!
  2. Fact: I finally saw Avatar. Another fact: it really is that boring from like the 91st minute on.
  3. Song: “What do you want from me”, by Adam Lambert.
  4. Lesson: an A- does look less nice than an A at first… then you say “well, it’s like a special A” and live on.
  5. If you can read this, then this top five finally got posted!

“If I’m a Casanova, then you’re a supernova”  – Justin Timberlake

This week’s top five

  1. Formula 1 is back! (Yup, my life makes sense again…)
  2. Warm weather is back! (Idem)
  3. Place: Istanbul Café in Easton… although I may be biased by the awesome company I had.
  4. Event: winning the intramural soccer championship and celebrating at McFadden’s 🙂
  5. Place: Crazy-Guinea-Pig-Lady’s crib! Best dinner I’ve had in the suburbs!

“I was raised in da hood called what da (bleep) (bleep)…”  – WC ft. Ice Cube

This week’s top five

  1. We’re done with midterms! ‘Nuff said…
  2. Outing: lunch at Buca di Beppo in the Arena District with two beautiful ladies, CS and MC.
  3. My Neo-like move in ops at Prof. Hill’s question of “what do you think a manager would see different than a customer in this case” while I was filling out an internship application. Plus, there’s the fact that he called me by my last name, which I’m not used to. I said “satisfaction” and an ominous silence followed (his face was priceless), but I could say “you know, he might worry about employee satisfaction” before he could destroy me. Bring it on!!! 🙂
  4. Me: “Good morning. I’d like to reschedule the appointment I have today”; Nurse: (very politely) “Sir, you called yesterday to reschedule for tomorrow”. Me: [banging head on desk].
  5. Quote, by the news anchor on Fox: “We really urge all our viewers to stay off the road, as the snow is making conditions unsafe for anyone to be out there. Now let’s go live to our reporter XYZ who has been driving all night keeping us updated on road conditions.” (…huh?)

“You moved just like them…”  – Trinity

This week’s top five

  1. Activity: taking my baby to the doctor 😀 !!!
  2. No snow for another week! That won’t last, but I’m enjoying it.
  3. Homework: shopping for a new Honda Fit as part of our marketing project. It was nice to see my group back together (sort of) and to drool at the 2010 Accord.
  4. Quote: “Stop watching TV”, by Artie Isaacs (that was actually last week, but I still find it hilarious that he says it without hesitating in the XXI century).
  5. Place: Easton. I went there in the beginning of the week to finally see Sherlock (loved it).

“Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack…”  – Ke$ha

This week’s top five

  1. Activity: Snowboarding! It’s been a while… Won’t like it so much tomorrow, though…
  2. Positive temperatures and sunshine came back!
  3. Place: the Mall at Tuttle Crossing.
  4. Activity: giving my baby a bath 😀 !!!
  5. FM: “So I think that the Black Eyed Peas are coming to Columbus soon”; Me: “How much are the tickets?”; FM: “Something like 250 bucks”; Both: “No waaaaay…”

“… and it’s a 7-point game with just under four minutes to go…”  – TNT commentator

This week’s top five

  1. My Opa is OK after undergoing heart surgery… that ROCKS! Ich wünsch dir eine gute Besserung, Opa!
  2. Southwest guy: “So are you studying here in Columbus?” Me: “Yah, I am” Southwest guy: “So why didn’t you go study someplace warm?” Me: “…”
  3. Sunrise at 6 a.m., sunny with a high of 20+°C… heaven!
  4. The 2009 Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Those were some BEAUTIFUL angels!
  5. JF’s conviction power: he got EV, NF, and MH to squeeze a lemon in their eyes (among other things).

“I just can’t get you out of my head”  – Kylie Minogue (among others)

This week’s top five: random quarter rankings

This is a special edition of the top five including some random takeaways from my first quarter in the MBA program.

Top Frowns

  1. The cold weather
  2. The distance from home
  3. The ACUTE shortage of parking spaces
  4. The absence of a dependable public transportation system
  5. The fact that we have quarters instead of semesters; I feel a little force-fed knowledge-wise

Top Smiles

  1. The abundance of beautiful girls on campus
  2. The freeways, and their general lack of holes
  3. The warmth of the locals (special mentions to David Smith, Alisa, MH, GO, AB, SS, MT, and NF)
  4. The EOTWs
  5. Free food and free drinks everywhere!

Top sad lesson: people here study way too hard.

Top happy lesson: you can actually have attainable dreams here.

Top class: Econ (just because I actually understood it a bit).

Top event: MH’s party bus to the Lodge Bar.

Top place visited: Washington DC!

“Mama, I’m coming home!”  – Ozzy Osbourne

This week’s top five

  1. Best person in the world award this week goes to my rockstar cousin for her hospitality towards me during this weekend.
  2. My baby took me all the way to Alexandria, VA, which is ca. 450 miles away, on just one tank of fuel; just one more reason for me to love my baby.
  3. I came back, against all odds… that’s cool (I guess)
  4. I could watch TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. And following on the previous one, I was introduced to the George Lopez show, and as Gabriel Iglesias says, “I damn near pissed m’pants”.

“(whrrrrrrr…)” –my furnace