Free Events: From Mingling to Rocking Out, Geek Style

Returning to Ohio State after a long summer back home in Cincinnati was like a breath of fresh air. Yeah, it was tough to be away from my favorite (albeit only) university for even that long! And in just the first week of school, I was reminded of the opportunities for fun that I had long missed, especially OUAB sponsored events. If you haven’t heard of OUAB, you’re seriously missing out. Their calendar’s full of cool, mostly free, events for OSU students. Why are OUAB events so awesome, you may ask? Well, it’s organized and run by your fellow students, of course! Plus they even have opportunities exclusively for graduate and professional students.

On Friday evening, there were two events by OUAB: a grad/prof cookout and a Weezer concert, both free to students. At the Faculty Club, many graduate students came to relax and mingle and win raffle prizes. Unfortunately I arrived a little late for the food, but The Council of Graduate Students was on hand with free water bottles and information about how to become involved in the branch of student government representing graduate students.

Shortly thereafter, my friend and I made our way over to the stage set up on South Oval for the Weezer concert. Hundreds of others were already waiting early for the event. In spite of the somewhat erratic rain, a throng of fans stood umbrella-less for over two hours before the headliner began. Some people entertained themselves by dancing to the openers or simply dancing to the music that burst from the speakers in between bands. In fact, the highlight of the preconcert experience was absorbing the sight of a student climbing the lone light pole near the stage while his fellow students yelled with encouragement. Though paramedics were on hand, he fortunately was not injured.

Before long the band was on stage. They of course played their popular songs, but also included some new songs I had not yet heard off their new album, Hurley (you read that correctly Lost fans, that Hurley). The band has taken an interesting, nontraditional promotional method for their new album (if you don’t believe me, just Google Weezer Youtube Invasion). As much as I enjoyed the music, it was the people watching that I enjoyed most about the experience. Weezer fans dance in all different ways, from the traditional two step, head bob to a more eclectic, act like no one can is watching style. The concert was certainly a welcoming environment to embrace your geek side. And after all, who besides Weezer makes being a self-declared geek seem so appealing?