Just Relax

With all of the reading for class, stress of getting an internship, and just getting involved at Fisher I have noticed that a lot of my peers seem like they are really starting to freak out about it all. Especially the students like myself who are attempting to balance working full-time with a full load of courses. I wanted to just share a couple of ways that I’ve learned to relax and relieve some of the stress.

1. Listen to some music that takes you to a good place. My personal favorite, Taylor Swift, so dominant, there’s nothing better than sitting back, closing your eyes, and soaking in the sweet sounds of T Swift.

2. Stay physically active. I try to go to the gym to work out a couple times throughout the week. It definitely gives me a lot more energy throughout the week. Go for a run, do some P90X, play some Nintendo Wii Fit.

3. Watch some TV. Get involved in a TV series, right now I’m hooked on Friday Night Lights on ABC family. The new season of the Office just started last week too.

4. Go out on the weekends. We’re not just in grad school to learn, we are allowed to have fun, too. Tailgate on Saturday, go to the Arena District downtown (bars/restaurants) , etc., weekends are supposed to be fun.

5. I’ve heard that some people like to read books for leisure; personally I think that we have enough to read as it is. 🙂

6. Watch a Richard Gere movie. Let’s get real, he is The Man. We can all learn something from him.

Bottom line is that we all have our own personal stress relievers, but grad school is a whole different beast and we may have to discover some new ways to cope. Just thought I would share a few of mine.