And then there was one

Slight digression before my ramblings even begin, but when I was in London 5 years ago, I saw a slew of theatrical productions and one of them was “And Then There Were None”. This may or may not be where I got my title, but none-the-less, it was really interesting to see a ‘suspense-thriller’ on stage.

Anyway, I have one final left. Woot. And, I only have one paper left to write, then it’s freedom for two weeks. Well, at least freedom from course work. My psychology class shaped out to be the easiest – I have a perfect 100% in that class, and even if I hadn’t turned in my final paper, I still would have received an A. But being the perfectionist that I am, I needed to get that perfect grade. After the stress of last quarter, it’s nice to know that all of the extra hard work I put in for this quarter has so far turned out to be 2 A’s. The other two are still up for grabs, but I’m expecting an A- and a B+. We’ll see if I can pull out an A- for both.

Spring break should be nice and relaxing. I’m spending most of it in Michigan with my fiance. Friday will be an intensive “nothing but wedding planning” day with my mother who has taken the day off of work. And, after all the hard work we put in on Friday, Saturday we’re getting manicures. It’s a long overdue Mother’s Day gift from two years ago which my mom has yet to use. I’ve only had one manicure in my life, so it will be good to start getting my nails in shape for the wedding.

And finally, since the picture is getting so much publicity on Facebook, I figured I would add it for a little bit of pre-finals humor to lighten everyone’s day. The picture is me with a spartan helmet I made for my fiance who, since he is an MSU spartan, and loves to sword fight with his little brother (nerf swords, not real ones), loves it very much.

Happy studying! Oh and Go Buckeyes! Way to pull out the Big Ten Championships with both men’s and women’s basketball teams. Good luck in the NCAA tournaments!

Sweet helmet, no?

Moving Up in the World

Today in my inbox, I received the reports about the ‘My Fisher Grad Life’ web analytics. As a semi-pro math geek, I find all of these statistics fascinating. Not to mention, I like to see where my blogs lie in the whole scheme of things. On the first ‘top content’ report, I was on page 5 of 14, with only 12 views to my author page. Now, for February, I am towards the top of page 2 of 10, with 52 views. Woot! Moving up. Hopefully by the end of my blogging, I’ll be towards the top. Thank you to all of my readers who continue to boost my standings.

In other news, it is my fiance’s spring break. He is home in Columbus and able to enjoy the beautiful weather, while I must sit and work on my 2 presentations, 1 paper, complete my take-home final, and study for my last two finals. T-minus 12 weeks when I complete my annual “spring quarter finals studying in the park”. It has been a tradition of mine since freshman year to study in Antrim Park off of Olentangy, north of Bethel Road. And, also a tradition for me to completely burn because I study longer than my sunscreen lasts. This year, however, there will be careful application of sunscreen, because my wedding is a few weeks after finals, and there can be absolutely no tan lines. If anyone foresees in their future the want to study with me in the gorgeous weather by a lake, you are more than welcome to do so. I recommend bringing a towel, sunglasses and an MP3 player.

I had an interview this morning for a graduate assistantship. There are 6 GAs in the center I would be working for: 2 business, 2 statistics, 1 psychology and 1 economics. I had the chance to spread my “I’m a psychology nerd” wings this morning, which I haven’t done in a while. It felt really good to talk about what my passions are and what in psychology encouraged me to step into the Human Resources field. I don’t know if I’ll get the position, because it’s geared towards MBAs, but here’s to hoping I have enough of a tri-fecta to pull it off!

Monday is almost over, and by 7:00, I’ll have one of my presentations done and over with. Yay for that. Have a great afternoon everyone!