Intramural Softball Playoffs

Tonight was the first round of The Ohio State Intramural Softball Playoffs.  Although I always find a way to injure myself while playing intramural sports, I am committed to finishing the season.  This decision probably has less to do with my commitment to the team and more to do with the fact that my scar actually turned out to look pretty sweet.  Anyways back to the softball story.  Since we lost a couple of games in the regular season, we were able to make the playoffs but by the skin of our teeth.  Entering the tournament with the 30th seed, we weren’t too excited about having to play the #3 team.  (Seeds 1 and 2 are given a first round bye.)  You’re probably thinking:  The MBA team probably isn’t bad, but they certainly aren’t capable of beating one of the best teams, especially the young undergraduate teams.  If this is what you thought, you’re wrong.   Tonight, we destroyed our undergraduate opponents and taught them a valuable life lesson:  softball is a game that is meant for out-of-shape graduate school students with beer guts and receding hairlines.

We were able to bat around the line-up several times and scored 20+ runs in five innings, which included four homer runs (one by me).  The umpire had to call the game after the fifth inning because of the 10 run mercy rule.  It was definitely exciting to be a part of a team that played exceptionally well.  Hopefully we can keep this momentum and bring a softball championship to Fisher College.