A different type of risk management

Jumping off a perfectly good place is a type of risk taking – albeit not one we talk about in our classes at Fisher. But with the resources available at The Ohio State University, it was a risk that I decided to take.

I enrolled in PAES 139.14 (Introduction to Skydiving) this quarter. It is a one-credit course, with three class sessions and a field trip. You do not need to jump to pass the class (although there is really no reason to enroll for the class if you won’t do it).

Surprisingly, you do not feel like you are falling. So, after you get over the fact that you are voluntarily stepping off the plane, it was not scary at all. In my opinion, Accounting is much more terrifying. And since I am in business school, I guess I should describe myself as risk loving. If I were risk averse, I would have been a skydiver.