Optimism in the Face of Denial

Rejection is something with which we all must contend. Most people have had a significant other give the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech. Some people didn’t get into their desired college, and most have been denied a job at some point. Either way, you never can quite prepare yourself for the sting of hearing “no, I/we don’t want you.” It can be tough on a person’s self-esteem to be rejected in rapid-fire over the course of just a few weeks. Of course the psych undergrad in me wants to see the psychological implications of it all. And it can be even harder not to receive direct feedback once the process is over.

I think it is important overall to let the rejection roll off the shoulders and remember that spaces are limited. However, in some sense, it is also worthwhile to consider the consistent mistakes we all make that can have an effect. Did I show up a little late? Did I say “um” or “like” too much? Did I shake uncontrollably? (Well of course not, but you could see why that might make a recruiter uncomfortable). Since  most of the fall interviewing process is over, everyone can take solace in the encouraging words of graduates and second-years at orientation — don’t worry, we did not receive initial offers during fall quarter. So no need to sweat too much yet — there’s still time.