Back to Reality

After my completing my first FULL week of Winter quarter classes, its time to update the world on my thoughts and expectations for Winter Quarter 2011.  Even though I had to drink the reality kool-aid like every other returning student, I still think there are parts of me that are on winter break.

This quarter, I was fortunate to get a few of my required core classes waived.  Because of this, I have been able to take a couple of classes that suit what I like in class material.  One of the classes I am taking is BUS 846 Talent Management.  I am really excited to be in this class because I wanted to learn more about the important of managing and retaining your organization’s talent.  This is an area that I’ve found that I have become more passionate about the last couple of years and, as of now, I am very impressed with the course content and our classroom discussions.  I recommend taking this class if it fits in your schedule.  It is definitely worth it.

I am finding that I will be doing a lot more reading and group projects than I did last quarter.  Crazy enough, I do enjoy reading.  I have found that the majority of my books are intriguing reads and keep me captivated which is a good thing.  Hopefully, I can keep up with the reading material because it sure can seem overwhelming at times.  For group projects, I am excited to work with different students from other programs being offered at Fisher.  It will be great to branch out and meet other fellow grad students.

After the completion of my  first quarter with the MLHR program, I can say that my expectations have been more than met and exceeded.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my instructors and have learned a great deal from each of them.  As far as Winter quarter is concerned, I hoping for that same type of experience.  I realize that my experience depends a lot on my own participation and engagement and I am glad I made the most of that opportunity.

Lets make 2011 a great year!  Time to Read!

Reading…My New Hobby

I think I just had an epiphany.  A  moment of solitudinal (and I think I totally made that word up) reflection of some sort.

As I sit in my apartment watching Monday Night Football, I am reminded of my undergraduate days at South Dakota State University.  My friends, those were the days.  I was 19…a newbie to undergraduate life who didn’t have a care in the world.  I can’t say it was my first time away from home because it really wasn’t.  Prior to enrolling at SDSU, I enlisted in the Army National Guard and headed off to basic training and AIT at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.  For 14 weeks, I endured a vigorous training regime that included, to the best to my memory, a lot of push-ups, front/back/go’s, road marches, etc.  After completing the training at Ft. Leonard Wood, I felt like I had figured a lot of things out for my life (directionally) and was ready to move in that next stage of life called college.

Now, I have never been a big study book reading guy.  For whatever reason, the reading aspect of learning was never hard for me.  During my undergraduate years, I never cracked a book …ever.  Ashamedly, at the time,  I was more concerned with two things:  (1) who was I going to find to  buy me a case of Bud Light (since I was 19) and (2) how I was going to sneak it into my “dry” dorm room.  Because, let’s be honest, watching Monday Night Football… in your dorm room…with NO beer…and  five other dudes is, IMHO, is lame-o-a-rama-thon.

During my undergraduate years, I didn’t take a whole of things seriously – including my education.  I wouldn’t say I studied a whole lot during those times and I relied heavily on my analytical strengths and being able to absorb information quickly and effectively.  But after being out of school for almost 8 years and reinserting myself back into the full-time MLHR graduate program, I am discovering that what I did before is not going to work for me now.  I have grown up a lot since then and have taken a more serious approach towards academics.  In order to survive a full-tilt graduate program, I knew I was going to have to be committed, focused and, most importantly, dedicated to finishing.  I feel the years I worked professional cultivated in me the necessary skills and attributes that will carry me through to graduation in 2012.

So tonight, almost 8 years later, I am sitting in front of my TV again…watching Monday Night Football…muted.  And I’m reading.  No beer.  No dudes.  Just me, a muted TV, a few books and a bottle of S. Pellegrino sparkling water with a lemon.  I find two things very applicable here:  (1)  I’m not getting behind on my reading assignments and (2) I definitely won’t be fighting some ridiculously STUPID hangover in the morning.

My epiphany:  In 2000, I was cracking beers…In 2012, I decided I’m cracking books instead.

Trust me, folks, that’s deep.  Like, Dr. Phil deep.