Hi~~You have a call from the (614) area code

Hi, everyone.  Greetings from Shumin here at OSU in Columbus, Ohio.  Sorry for the delay of saying “hello” to everybody.  I just got my blogger account set up late this week, and I should say that it was pretty exciting to see my “head shot” photo shown on the website together with other bloggers.

I just went through a busy week.  It really surprised me that we’ve already had a lot of assignments coming due in our second week of school term.  Maybe this is one huge difference between schools with semesters and schools using quarters.  If you are from a school using semesters like I was, it will probably shock you that when you look at the class schedule and find out that fall mid-term exams are only four weeks from now.

Maybe I can share something more interesting with you next time – maybe about my first time watching a football game in person if  I am lucky enough to get a ticket to go to next Saturday’s game ^^)