And the winner is….. “Sustainability”

In one of my previous blogs, I wrote about my super talented Project 1 team. Well, I think there was some truth in the talented part since our team won the first place in the Sustainability Reporting trends and Tools group for the Project One competition. We believe that this recognition was achieved mainly due to our good team dynamic. Since the beginning we all had a really good connection and were able to work well together. Of course there was a lot of effort that everyone put on the project and we also had a really good manager guiding our process (Thanks Ed L.!).


All the teams did an excellent job with their projects and the big winner in this process was the “Sustainability” topic. We all got more familiar and engaged with it and hopefully will continue to be involved with it. After this project, we are certainly slightly more familiar with sustainability. And I say slightly, because the sustainability topic is very broad and messy. The team was very lucky to have the opportunity to talk with several experts from the industry and guest speakers and become more knowledgeable with the issues.

Our team definitely learned a lot from the research and interviews, and we were pretty confident that we had a reasonable understanding of the topic. The main takeaways from our work were the need to improve our ability to make more solid recommendations as well as how to structure a presentation to have a better impact. And of course there is always room for improving our presentation skills. The emphasis on team work that Fisher has is a great learning tool for future professionals and I believe we have come a long way since September!

We all enjoyed being part of this group and this project (even though we were under a time constraint all the time) and we hope to have the chance to work again as a group in the future.

Thanks to FPS and to Oracle for the opportunity and thanks to Captain Planet team for the experience.