Fisher’s Faculty

One of my favorite things about The Fisher College of Business is the incredible faculty. My time in the Full Time MBA has introduced me to incredible professors and lecturers  – all who are more than willing to share their experiences and expertise.

Professor James A. Hill Jr – Worked at Pepsi Cola as a production manager and a supplier development manager

I am currently enrolled in the class Organization Turnaround taught by Mr. Jeff Rodeck, who worked at FedEx as Senior Vice President before becoming CEO and turning around Hyperion. It is a very interesting class and he has brought in other speakers to share their experience of how to change the course of a company/firm for the better.

Other professors have worked for P&G, Sears, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Deloitte, Pepsi Co., The Limited, Wells Fargo and more. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn from those that have experience in the field and with companies across the globe.

Fisher’s faculty also have incredibly diverse and broad research background. Publications vary across all areas and numerous members of our faculty have received distinguished awards for their publications.

Our Senior Associate Dean, Karen Hopper Wruck, also teaches Corporate Finance II. I am currently taking Corp. Finance I now – so hopefully I’ll be seeing her in the classroom next term!

See all faculty bios and learn about their expertise here.

Talk soon!

Fisher MAcc Graduation Ceremony 2013

It’s hard to believe my eighty classmates and I have completed our Master of Accounting degree from the Fisher College of Business!  On Friday, May 3, we gathered at the Ohio Union with faculty, family and friends, to celebrate our success in this program.  The evening was complete with a reception where I was able to meet the families of many of my close MAcc friends and chat with faculty members one last time before the summer.  A formal ceremony followed with touching remarks from our director, Professor Arya, and many others.  Several students were also recognized for different successes in the program, including the top ten percent of students based on academic performance, the top performers on our MAcc exit exam, and the members of MAcc Council.

One recognition that was particularly special was the E&Y Award for Excellence in Teaching.  This year’s winner was Professor Zach, our instructor for the academic research course in the program.  I had the pleasure of having Professor Zach as an instructor for my first accounting class as an undergraduate as well, and I was so happy to see him recognized for the fantastic job he does in encouraging students in research and academic development.  For all of the future MAcc students who will take his research class, you’re in for quite the experience!

Professor Zach, this year’s MAcc Professor of the Year, and me at the MAcc reception!

Awards, speeches, and other formalities aside, this celebration was a great way to end the program.  I can’t begin to describe how amazing my final year was at Ohio State because of my decision to pursue my MAcc degree.  There are too many people who made the year special to name them all, so to all of the incredible faculty and classmates – thanks for an unforgettable year!  I will miss this group…

The graduates of the MAcc Class of 2013

The Countdown to Fisher Follies Auction

Last Friday evening, all graduate students at the Fisher College of Business united at the Blackwell and eat, drink and BID.

Bid on what, you ask?

A wine night with Professor Anand,  bowling with Ankerman, a thirty minute flight with a first-year MBA pilot, a ride in a 1967 Chevekke SS 396, brownies, A clippers game, a scrumptious cake, coffee for a week, a trip to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame and more. This event is put on by the student organization, Fisher Follies, and all proceeds to to members of the Fisher community who face unexpected hard times.

A quick peek of what’s to come…


This was my first auction, and I was SO EXCITED for the auction. It was a great way to bond with my Fisher classmates, but also to take a break from classes and finals. Fisher Follies is another way get to know my Fisher family even better. It’s a way for professors, faculty and students to relax outside of the classroom and get to know one another.

Want to know what incredible prize will be mine or who wins the BBQ with Dr. Inks and Rucci? I’ll let you know in the next post!

See you soon!

Still want more of Follies? Great news – it lasts ALL YEAR. The 2013 Fisher Follies Variety Show is on April 19 – I know that we have some incredible talent in Gerlach Hall that is ready to be on stage!

We Love You – So Come Enroll!

Valentine’s Day was last week, and I hope you all had a wonderful time.  Whether you went to dinner with a special someone, received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or treated it like any other ordinary day, I hope you had a great time.  Here at Ohio State, we love you, and we’d love to have you look into the Fisher MAcc program.  If none of my previous posts have convinced you to apply yet, I’m hoping this will.  Because today I want to just share with you how much Ohio State loves each of us, and highlight one professor in particular.

First of all, check out this video that Dr. Gee sent out to all of us.  How many universities can claim such an awesome video, sent on just one day just because?  Sure, many places have recruitment videos and the like that are similar to this, but this was for students already enrolled.  And check out how involved Dr. Gee is in all of it!  How cool is that!?  Yeah, Ohio State loves us.

Now, I said there was one professor in particular I wanted to talk about.  If you apply, are accepted, and come join the Fisher MAcc program, you’ll have the distinct pleasure of interacting with and learning from Dr. Anil Arya.  First of all, he’s hilarious.  Yes, he’s a professor so you’re going to learn, but he makes it fun in that he’s not afraid to pick on himself (or perhaps a student, if the opportunity presents itself).  Second, his examples are clear, thorough, and relevant.  Third, he’s genuinely interested in making sure that you learn, and is very clear about why he assigns what he assigns.

So – how does he fit into my Valentine’s Day post?  Check out what he sent us, on Valentine’s Day.  If this doesn’t convince you the Fisher MAcc program is a winner, I don’t know what will:

Dear kids:

Having been born in a country where three-quarters of the marriages are still “arranged”, it is no wonder I forgot to note Valentine’s day in class yesterday.

So, Happy Valentine’s day to each of you.  I hope you have a nice day, and I know you will also make sure your friends in class too (from distances near and afar) have a wonderful evening.

See you tomorrow.

Sincerely (or is the appropriate sign-off “love you” on such occasions?),

This is pretty much how his class is!  This e-mail is obviously genuine and he communicates his concern for each of us, but it’s done in such a comical way that I can’t help reading it over and over.  I told you, both Ohio State and its professors love us!

Supplying Time for Demanding Exams

Countdown: 2 days until our first economics exam. I can’t believe we are over half way through the quarter! For all my classmates that could use an extra econ “lesson” check out this video.

Tonight was the review night for our first exam and here are my top three takeaways:

1. I have some more studying to do.

2. Our professors are really accessible. It struck me as I walked in to our review that Professor Campbell had been there since 4:00 PM for back-to-back sessions. This meant that he volunteered to be in Gerlach from 4:00 PM to about 9:00 PM on a Sunday, answering student questions and preparing us for Tuesday’s test. I’m not sure how many school’s have professors this dedicated to the success of their students or this willing to give up their personal free time to help. The accessibility of professors is just another advantage to the Fisher experience!

3. My classmates are ready and willing to learn. I am incredibly impressed with how much effort everyone puts into their own success. We had one of the largest classrooms reserved for an optional review session on a Sunday evening, and we easily filled the room! For those considering Fisher for their MBA experience, should you choose to attend, you will be studying among the best! Not only are classmates ready to learn, they support their peers and are committed to the collective success of our class as a whole.

Well, time to get back to studying. Good luck to my classmates on the midterm week ahead!