Well folks, after submitting my resume to more than 30 businesses, and a lot of interviews, I still don’t have an internship, but…I was offered a Graduate Administrative Associate position with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering! This was quite exciting news this morning! I’m very, very excited about this opportunity. I’ll be working with the undergraduate and graduate academic advisers and developing recruiting events and coordinating visits with potential students. I think recruiting will be very interesting. And in addition to 1/2 tuition and the stipend, the more gratifying part is that someone finally finds value in my skills. I know the other places I’ve applied to and interview with know that I have skills, they’re just not the skills which are most beneficial to them at this time. Which, I understand, it was just to stomach at the time.

Anyway, a small update in the life of the bulls who escaped and ran wild last week. There is now a Facebook group dedicated to them. Apparently they’ve been named Pedro and Herbert. My fiance gave a shout out to all of my faithful readers on my Facebook wall and provided the link for your enjoyment.

Tomorrow is the first of two midterms this week. I have severely procrastinated and am not done with my review sheet, but I am working on it. I’m bound and determined to finish it before midnight tonight, read through it once or twice, go to bed, and then study throughout the day tomorrow. I don’t think it will be too bad, it’s just the fact that there’s so much to remember. I suppose it all fits together, it’s just small minute details which I don’t see as important to the overall staffing picture, but apparently they are, which will trip me up a little bit.

Benjamin and I finally had engagement pictures taken Friday night at my elementary playground. Even if the pictures turned out bad, it was a blast. Apparently I was entertaining. We’ll see. I’ll post some pictures as soon as I get them! I’m very excited to see them.

For now, good luck to everyone with midterms. And if you’ve procrastinated like I have, even more luck your way. Challenge for the week. Do something nice and unexpected for someone you think really needs a pick-me-up, without expecting anything in return. You never know how much it can lift someone’s spirits just by doing something very simple.