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Winter Warning

There is no doubt about it: the Columbus winter is harsh.  For the past seven years I have taken great pride in my ability to survive the winters of New Haven, CT and New York City.  When I decided to move back to Ohio, I never thought twice about the Ohio winter.  I clearly underestimated its potential.

Since the beginning of the month it has snowed pretty much every day.  Although the accumulation has not been too heavy, it has been an obnoxious amount capable of covering my car, which inevitably delays my departure for class by 15 minutes every morning.  Not only is it constantly snowing, it is absolutely freezing outside.  It is so cold, that I succumbed to driving to the gym a few days ago.  Although this might not sound bad, you should know that the gym is about 300 meters from my place and is clearly visible from my apartment.


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