Thanksgiving Break and The Jump

This weekend I went home again for Thanksgiving and it was a great time. Although it’s always hectic traveling to and from Colorado in one weekend (and luckily, no, I did not have any trouble with the overly-hyped new security measures), this was definitely a perfect way to recharge my batteries before this last week of classes. I started the weekend by walking around my old college town, Fort Collins, with some good friends – and what better way to stay warm in the Colorado cold then some hot chocolate?

Friends in Fort Collins
Cocoa for the Colorado Cold

I spent the next day, Thanksgiving, with my family and one of the stories that came up was the Mirror Lake jump. Yes, I was one of the students just crazy enough to partake in this tradition this year. For anyone that has not heard about it yet, every year a ton of Ohio State students go over to Mirror Lake – basically a decent sized pond – and they simply jump in the freezing water. Apparently this ritual is supposed to “bring down the spirit of Woody Hayes” to make sure the Buckeyes beat Michigan, but all I know is that the water was freezing! I probably only stayed in about 30 seconds, but when it was all said and done (and I did not get hypothermia), I’m definitely glad I was able to take part in this crazy tradition. If anything, it was a great topic to discuss while eating some good ol’ turkey and mashed potatoes.

The rest of my Thanksgiving weekend was filled with a little homework and some more quality friend/family time. Now we just have to get through this last week of classes, then I have two finals next week, and then I’m officially done with my first entire quarter! It seems like it has completely flown by!

Until next time,