Market to Market – Another Rockin Time in Columbus

I’ve written a few posts that talk about how awesome Columbus is, mostly dedicated to the awesome coffee shops we’ve got, but also to boast about some restaurants and events that are put on in our fantastic city.  Today I write about another event that occurs twice per year (once in the spring and once in the fall) and is INCREDIBLE.  So what’s this event?  The Market to Market Bicycle Adventure.

They always have such great advertisements - and themes!!

Before I can tell you about the Market to Market Bicycle Adventure though, I feel as though I must tell you about the North Market and the Worthington Hills Market, which are the two markets that sponsor the event and give it its name.  The Hills Market offers local products, such as coffees, meats, and beers.  It’s really cool to see products from all over Ohio in one location, and all are fairly priced.  There are tons of events to partake in too, such as wine tastings and food samplings.  The North Market is less of a grocery store, and more of a permanent indoor farmer’s market.  During the warmer months, the market extends outdoors too.  Tons of people love going to the North Market for lunch, as many of its vendors don’t sell produce but meals…and there is some GREAT food there.  I recommend Clever Crow Pizza! North Market is definitely something you need to see in person when you’re in Columbus.

Now – onto the ride!  Participants choose which market they would like to start at and have breakfast and coffee.  At your leisure, you then ride to the next market along the Olentangy Bike Trail.  This is about a 13 mile ride, but there are sponsors all along the route to stop at and refresh.  This year’s sponsors included Pattycake Bakery, Yelp!, and Wild Goose Creative to name a few.  At the destination market, riders enjoy a few scoop of Jeni’s Ice Cream – said by many to be the best in Columbus!  Riders are also given a bag full of coupons to use at both markets for discounts on groceries, produce, and meals.  We used some of ours for lunch at the North Market, and it was delicious.

This event is perfect for anyone.  I had an incredible time (and I’ve done it for the past three years, each time more fun than the last), as did everyone I rode with.  The group I rode with covered everyone from serious riders to those that ride a bike maybe once per year.  It caters to all!

Here's my girlfriend and I rocking the moustache theme - although mine ended up on my eyebrows since I was rocking a real 'stache

To polish off this Columbus-themed post, I thought I’d include a quick video about some of the other awesome offerings in Columbus.  Warning:  After watching this video, you’ll find moving to our city absolutely irresistible!