The Internship Search

Great news!

All the hard work of tweaking my resume, making a huge “STAR” worksheet for interviewing, and hunting for possible internships through Fisher Connect, Monster and LinkedIn seems to have paid off!

I received a summer internship offer from Ford Motor Company, specifically in their “Parts, Supply and Logistics” Group. I was honestly a little worried about that interview, because Ford is one of my top choices, which made me a little nervous. If you recall my “About Me” post, you will remember that I have been tinkering with big, loud, fast Fords for the past seven years. I am very excited to get this offer, and am looking forward to discussing this opportunity with my family over the Thanksgiving break. I also have a second round interview with American Woodmark in two weeks, so that is another topic for discussion.

So what advice can I give people on their internship search?

  1. KNOW yourself. What kinds of things are you good at? What do you like to do? What do you definitely not want to do?
  2. MATCH what you learned in Step (1) with industries, and then specific companies. I like using CareerBeam, Vault and WetFeet, along with some individual research.
  3. LEARN about the specific companies you have targeted in Step (2). Is anyone in your classes, your family or your LinkedIn (or other social) network working for that company, or know someone that is working for the company? Set up informational interviews – ask about the culture, daily responsibilities, work/life balance… whatever your key needs are.
  4. STAY POSITIVE. You made the decision to come back to school for a reason. Know that the right opportunity is not necessarily going to be the first opportunity, or the one that comes easiest.

I wish you all the best of luck in your search! And of course, Happy Thanksgiving!


A Day at Nestlé

Today I traveled to Solon, OH with several Fisher MBA classmates to take a tour of the Nestlé campus and learn more about brand management opportunities at the company.  After the tour, it was clear that Nestlé is a unique place with remarkable brands.  I thought the most interesting part of the day was when two Marketing Associates spoke to us about their experience in the Toll House Cookie Dough Group during the E. coli recall several months ago.  I can’t think of a larger obstacle to overcome than a product recall, but this group never panicked.  After several weeks with the product off store shelves, the baking division re-launched the cookie dough in a slightly modified package highlighting that the product was safe.  Their initiatives were a major success and the Toll House brand suffered no major brand damage.  In fact, their sales this month are slightly higher than they were a year ago.

Tomorrow is the big game against Michigan.  I’ll be at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe talking to prospective students about Fisher and all that it has to offer.  So if you’ll be there, please hold any questions until non-critical moments of the game. Thanks.


It feels as though I haven’t posted in quite a while. So much has happened in the last 5 or so days that I feel horribly behind in my updating.

First and most important, I got the interview! I’m very very excited about the opportunity. I had the chance to speak with the director of IMS a week ago and after talking with her, it just made me realize so much more that I would love the chance to complete an internship with the program. It wasn’t until a few days later that I was offered a position within the center. Such a relief. It will surely be a great opportunity. I have my first training program tomorrow during lunch. I’m nervous for it all, but excited at the same time.

Second, this weekend was Halloween, and it was a BLAST!!!!! I’ll post pictures below. I went up to Michigan State for Halloween. I know, I know, I skipped out on the grad student Halloween get-together, but I had so much fun this weekend. Friday night, I went to a long-time friend’s party dressed up as a Crayon. You can’t beat home-made costumes. I was “tickle me pink”. I love that costume. Saturday night, my fiance and I and his friends roamed around the streets of Lansing and East Lansing dressed up as the toy soldiers from Toy Story. It was SO much fun seeing everyone’s expression as we walked around and randomly posed. We were trying to find a place to catch the MSU vs Minnesota game, and decided on Bdubs. We walked into the restaurant in our stealth mode and you could hear the entire place go silent. It was awesome. I’ve never had so much fun in my life. Anyway, pictures are below. We’re now taking ideas on next year’s costumes. If you have any awesome costumes that you saw, send them my way, or feel free to share.

Lastly, tomorrow is your chance to go out and vote. Vote yes for Issue 2. That’s my only political plug because I have a personal connection with it. Issue 2 will establish a board of directors to make decisions about animal care in Ohio and the board will be made up of informed individuals who know the animal industry and know what’s best for Ohio and for the animals. I grew up on a small sheep farm and I have many farming friends who know what’s best for their animals and would rather have informed individuals make decisions about how they’re supposed to farm than people who know very little about the agriculture in this state. If nothing else, make sure you’re informed about what/who you’re voting for, but just make sure you vote.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like… Internship and Midterm season!

I apologize to those of you who read the first seven words and began to have the tune for a Christmas song in your head… but it seemed an appropriate way to express my sentiment!

I feel like I just started here at Fisher, but I’ve already had two interviews for internships, with another next week, and a fourth one pending… It’s truly wonderful how many great companies are coming specifically to Fisher to recruit MBA interns. I met some amazing representatives from American Woodmark, Unilever, P&G, Bosch, DOW and many other companies at the Fisher Career Fair the end of last month. From that fair, I was able to get an interview with two very senior employees at American Woodmark. The internship sounds truly amazing, mostly because of how appealing the company culture is. I also got an interview with Johnson&Johnson. One of the interviewers had been a presenter at the Operations & Logistics Boot Camp at Fisher. (The Boot Camps are excellent opportunities to really get a feel for the different career paths, as well as to mingle with professionals). A big thanks to the Office of Career Management for sponsoring so many great opportunities!

The other big news at Fisher is that midterm season is almost upon us! The Class of 2011 has its first midterm next Tuesday, and then two midterms and one midterm presentation the following week. It’s hard to believe that so much time has gone by. As a “newbie” to the quarter system, I am truly amazed at how rapidly the classes progress. I’m sure I won’t be the only one doing some serious studying and reviewing the next two weeks! One really nice thing is that several professors are holding extra review sessions in the evenings and even on weekends, in addition to the normal review sessions during the week. The professors here are truly dedicated to our success – it’s a really nice feeling to know that people really care about our progress!

Good luck to everyone studying, and congratulations to the new FGSA members from the Class of 2011!