The incredible i4 experience

The International Programs office has been hosting information sessions this week about the i4 programs for this upcoming year.  I had the pleasure of being a part of the i4 India class last year, and so I thought I would write a blog listing the reasons you should partake in an i4 class if given the chance.

1. You get to travel!

2. There is so much opportunity in emerging economies.  These opportunities span all of the business disciplines we have here at Fisher.  Meaning whether you’re a marketing guru or a finance fiend, you will be able to appreciate the content in the class, in addition to the travel.

3. Not to sound too cliche, but aren’t most of us here in an MBA program to “push ourselves,” “create new boundaries,” “try new things,” “see what we’re made of,” (etc)?  The i4 program, both class and travel, is an excellent way to do just that.  You will learn about a specific business environment in a new framework, you will get to travel (perhaps to someplace you’ve never been before), and you will create new friendships (the kind that can only come from traveling experiences!)

4. You get to go for 3 weeks!  It’s short enough that you will be back in time for an internship, but long enough to truly immerse yourself in the culture, the work, and the people.

5. Food.  Food food food.  Palak Paneer, Feijoada, or Bratwurst – it doesn’t matter which experience you choose.  You will be happily rewarded with yummy regional food.

6. What else are you going to do for May term?

So pick a country and sign up!  And if you have questions – contact the International programs office, the professors who are teaching the courses, or students who have traveled in the past!


With my i4 India friends, in front of the Taj Mahal